Feats - To Love And Respect

Feats - To Love And Respect
Feats - To Love And Respect

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On the eve of International Women's Day, men try to please their ladies of the heart, and sometimes even go to different tricks to win sympathy or prove their love. There are also knightly deeds of a strong half of humanity. About them "VM" and asked the heads of the capital's structures and departments.


Maxim Fateev

Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Probably, the birth and upbringing of children can be called a feat. And here the question should be asked by men: is this their feat? Look around, men, how many times women are ready to sacrifice themselves, forgetting about themselves and doing as much as possible for the family. Of course, this is not immediately obvious, but life will put everything in its place. The famous Baron Munchausen planned exploits, but in our life everything is more prosaic. For a man, a feat is to be ready for true love. We are so afraid of this word, and men are more than women. If you love, if you are lucky to find your only one, then she will appreciate all your signs of attention and possible chivalry. I wish all women that they see more feats in the actions of men, although sometimes this can only be understood by looking back through the years.

Igor Bukharov

President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia

A chivalrous feat in modern society is living in a family and raising your children. So briefly, but succinctly.

Vladimir Zhidkin

Head of the Department for the Development of New Territories of the City of Moscow

The chivalrous attitude towards a woman does not fall from heaven on a man. Everything comes from the family, from upbringing. Moreover, not a perfect one, like: you have to be just that, but upbringing by example. Nobody specifically taught me this, but from the cradle I saw the reverent attitude of dad to mom, grandfather to grandmother and did not imagine that it could be otherwise. As for everyday stories, this is what I remember. I studied in the ninth grade, on the weekend my parents sent me to the village to visit my grandparents. They did not see him off, he was almost an adult. I'm sitting at the station, waiting for my train. Suddenly, a crying woman runs into the waiting room and begins to beg for help. Everyone, including myself, at first thought that there was some kind of trouble at the station: I lost my ticket, they pulled out my wallet. However, it turned out that her superiors instructed her to organize the unloading of a carriage with tomatoes for orphanages. The loaders, with whom she agreed, took the money, got drunk and disappeared, and the car needs to be unloaded urgently, by morning! I volunteered. Another teenager of the same kind came to my aid - that's all! We worked with him until three in the morning. Have time! Of course, I went to see my grandmother the next weekend. And the parents understood everything and did not scold.

Andrey Metelsky

Secretary of the Moscow City Regional Branch of the United Russia Party

Chivalry is honor and dignity, courage and courage of a man, his ability to appreciate the beautiful half of humanity. It's hard to say, we got a little tired, whether such qualities have been lost in the modern world, but our mothers absolutely instilled them in us. And for me, my mother is that ideal of a woman who needs to be appreciated, honored and respected. Including, as a knight - of course, in the current sense of the word. Perhaps there were no high-profile actions. But I know for sure that love and attention is what a woman is pleased with. I congratulate my mother on the holidays, and I teach children to do this. By the way, I have four of them, and also, probably, my own feat - to educate and grow. But not only men, but women, whom a loving husband must support. Even small signs of attention can be pleasant, it comes in handy not only on a holiday, but also on the most ordinary weekday.Remembering family events is also an act, it means attention to detail. Perhaps life is made of such small things. All this gives rise to mutual respect, peace, love and harmony between modern knights and their beautiful ladies.

Vladimir Belyakov

General Director of "Inzhproekt"

In the modern concept, chivalry is respect and love for women, and in order to commit acts, it is better not to do anything unworthy. I always respect women - our mothers, wives, colleagues. It seems to me that the unusual is a feat that not everyone is capable of. But the daily observance of the rules not only in the family, but also in society as a whole, the ability to remain a properly brought up person in any situation is more worthy than a one-time feat. Even in the name of women.

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