New Sexual Ethics: About Size And Talent

New Sexual Ethics: About Size And Talent
New Sexual Ethics: About Size And Talent

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Video: What Natural Law Theory Says About Sex (Prof. Tim Hsiao) 2022, December

It's not about size. Or is it in it? If not in him, then in what? Understanding.



- There is a queue for big members, you need to sign up for them, - says Nastya.

This means that today some young man will come to her with Pure (an app for sex) - and now she has nothing to do with him, but not that delightful, but to the one with whom it is delightful - a queue. And to another delicious turn.

I instantly experienced an exacerbation of tolerance: they say, well, how is it, well, it’s not the size of the matter. And in general, what does “big” mean? And what does "small" mean?

Officially (that is, in the opinion of all the women I personally know, I once knew, according to the opinion on the forums and just in the comments to posts on the topic) big is 19+. 20+ is already too big, and 23 24 is huge.

Oh, with what delight my friends (men) discussed one there Vasya "two iPhones" (then it was about the fifth iPhone, that is, about 25 cm), with which none of the women can, from which everyone is running, because this is - this is too much, it must be at least in BDSM and generally get involved in all sorts of fisting!

Well, it is. Too. But the picture is impressive. And pictures are now part of flirting, part of a romantic relationship.

For a week already, forums have been "burning", where all these acquaintances are fiercely discussed in applications. And not in such applications "purely for sex", like Pure, but in the godly Tinder. But even there (horror, horror) every now and then they strive to send you a photo of a member.

But this is already a new ethics. Dating with such photos is just beginning. If you don't like it - just write: don't send a photo of your penis, I'm not like that, I want to marry a virgin. Probably, most people now have photographs of their intimate places - where without them? Perhaps no girl in her 30s and 35s has seen so many members in her entire life (even including porn) as she has seen in apps over the past three years.

In general, the picture matters. And that changes everything. Before, you drank five or six cocktails somewhere, drove home, undressed in the dark and really saw each other naked only after the birth of your second child.

And now you already know everything about a person in advance. All his intimate characteristics. And, of course, a big and handsome dick is much more photogenic (than anything else).

Suddenly, the women seriously thought about sizes, shapes, angles, and so on. Anyone can show friends the photos that are sent to her. And what is happening on "Gossip" when girls discuss the "financial condition" of celebrities (efimism due to moderation) - this is a must-see. According to the gossips (well, as far as they judge from the pictures of the paparazzi, where, of course, no one is agitated), Michael Fassbender is a rich and generous man, Sergei Shnurov is a rogue.

No matter how much they say that all these dimensions do not matter - alas, this is a lie. And it's not just a matter of beauty. A member is not a breast (the golden fund of literature, yeah). In the sense that large breasts can be more exciting in the picture (or in the cleavage), but for the case it is almost unnecessary. In addition, without a bra, she may not be so advertising-seductive at all.

But penis size affects how a woman feels. And you have to be a really good lover, and not a mediocre hack, as is customary in our country, in order to hurt all the sensitive points of a woman.

Yes, you can do it with your hands or with anything - but who can do that? I think I personally know all these ten people.

Of course, you don't have to have a big cock to make a woman happy. In terms of sex.

Although, as it turns out, a woman in general does not connect happiness and sex. Here is a girl on the forum writes: “I met, talked, almost fell in love, and he is very, very small. What to do?" Here, of course, it is clear what to do, - she clearly explained that the size does not suit her. But, apparently, the girl wanted to discuss. And they write to her: “Oh, happiness is not in the penis,” “The main thing is that a person is good,” “I have never heard of a man being thrown because of a small penis.Because of the small salary - yes, but to do it like this ?!"

In general, a bulk of girls who do not love a man for a member. And for the salary and kindness, yeah. Whatever member you have, you will not see sex, she is not interested in it.

Still, there are women for whom sex comes first - and then everything else. Yes, they like pictures with big and beautiful, but they are not obsessed with this - if their man also loves sex and distinguishes the clitoris from menopause. If he knows what he is doing with his hands and mouth. If he admires the female body and does not hesitate to look into the eyes of the vagina. And then, you know, there are those who consider the vagina something like a dead oyster - and they hide it badly. This is just how it remains that to rejoice if they have a hefty one is their salvation.

With all my desire to be the queen of tolerance, I have to admit that beautiful people, of course, find it easier to live. It is even easier for people with beautiful breasts, legs, neck or with a beautiful penis. They have more choice. And yes, there is a line to them. We must admit this - and develop other virtues in ourselves. If nature has cheated something, this is never a catastrophe.

We are all different, and we will always find a reason to envy others a little. Personally, from time to time, I envy people from wealthy families - they grew up in luxury, and now they receive from 20 to 50 thousand euros on maintenance in their lives, they can go where they want, buy what they want, they can do nothing worry. I envy the amazing self-confidence that Sergei Minaev (the writer) has. In bouts of despondency, it seems to me that everything is so great for him precisely because he does not doubt himself. And someone is jealous of the size of the penis or the length of the legs.

But we can all get through it - and make the people in us admire something different. Yes, women (and men who like men) will, of course, first of all get aroused by photos with big, beautiful and hard dicks, but the most important thing in the end is that the person is an excellent lover. Alas, the penis does not work as an antenna - it does not depend on the length, how exactly the man picks up and understands your desires.

The most important thing is culture. For a man to be interested in sex, for him to study where women have sensitive places, to feel her, to want to be her best. And most importantly - to admire her from head to toe. Not in the sense that he loved - oh no. Not to admire a particular woman, but women in general. So that the sexual desire itself evokes respect and tenderness, so that women, as an object of these desires, would make a man tremble, so that he would like to do everything beautifully, so that he would dream of being the best for everyone. And not this is "hello, here is my dick, you seem to be nicho, so be it - I'll stick them in, cook pasta in the navy".

As long as men behave this way, they will be judged only by the size of their members and their financial condition. Women need to amuse themselves with something. And if men are suddenly not very happy about it, let them learn, if not to love, then at least to make love. Beautiful and sensual. Maybe we will like it ourselves.

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