Why Men Live Less Than Women In Russia

Why Men Live Less Than Women In Russia
Why Men Live Less Than Women In Russia

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There are 1,154 women per 1,000 men in our country. Such data were published by Rosstat. This trend is long-standing: there are traditionally fewer men of working age in Russia than women, for the reason that even in prosperous Moscow they live less than the fairer sex. Why is this happening?


Initially, approximately equal numbers of boys and girls are born.

- For example, under the age of four, there are 947 girls per thousand boys. And by the age of 20–25, the situation is changing: there are already 1,023 women per thousand men, and then - as they say, increasing. Thus, the question is in the higher risks of male mortality, - says the associate professor of the Department of Statistics of the PRUE. Plekhanov Alexander Timofeev.

By the age of 60, two women apply for one man, according to the expert.

Here are the data from Mosgorstat. Today, 2,315,000 women over working age live in the capital, and only 1,087,000 men aged 60 and over.

“Men in our country, including Moscow, traditionally live less,” says Larisa Alekseeva, a doctor of the highest category. - There are many reasons. One of the main ones is that they smoke and abuse alcohol much more often than women.

In addition, according to the expert, men are less inclined to monitor their health and often start this or that disease because they are too lazy to go to the doctor. The third reason is more traumatic behavior. Death as a result of an accident, falling from a height, from electric shock - these are most often "male" deaths.

In other words, men are to blame for the fact that they live on average 7–12 years less than women. But…

- But in recent years, the situation has been gradually changing. At least in Moscow, the expert believes. - Men are increasingly playing sports, riding bicycles, the number of smokers and alcohol consumption per capita have been decreasing for many years.

An innovation of the Moscow authorities - “health houses” in parks will also help to partially correct the situation.

There, in an hour, you can undergo a medical examination and identify the most dangerous diseases: cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus and a number of others. The main thing is to convince men to visit the Healthy Moscow pavilions and, if necessary, begin timely treatment.

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