Vlad Topalov Touchingly Congratulated His Wife On Her Birthday

Vlad Topalov Touchingly Congratulated His Wife On Her Birthday
Vlad Topalov Touchingly Congratulated His Wife On Her Birthday

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The artist is kind to his beloved wife.

The famous singer Vlad Topalov decided to share his joy with the fans. Today, June 14, is his wife's birthday. Popular TV presenter Regina Todorenko is 29 years old. The artist dedicated a touching congratulation to the birthday girl in his personal blog. Vlad Topalov is very glad that he met the woman of his dreams, who gave him a long-awaited son.

My mother! My dear friend! Happy jam day to you! There will be no snotty-cute congratulations. You have enough of them today! I'll tell you everything personally! And here I want to be happy and smile! You are sun! You are an incredibly bright and hot planet that warms and "greens" everything around and everything that touches you! Be HEALTHY. This is the main thing! It's a question of our survival with Michael, you are the funniest person on earth! Your kindness and love are enough for billions of light years! Pancake…. it still comes out somehow mimic ими

- the singer began to congratulate with tenderness.

"I love you so much! Don't stop at anything but me))) let your atomic reactor inside work forever! New guests to you, new ideas and, most importantly, new CHILDREN! With me, I know you are the happiest, so I wish you to keep your happiness! MV and I love you and are terribly proud of you! You are the mother of the year, the wife of the year, the host of the year, the woman of the year milking us !!!! You just love us and feed us on time! And we are always and in everything with you! You are a cool bear! ️ your dad and son! " - touchingly addressed the singer to the birthday girl.

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Recall that Vlad and Regina officially became husband and wife on October 25, 2018. At the same time, Vlad and Regina's father (who turned 55) celebrated their birthday. The lovers decided to combine all three holidays. And at the end of December 2018, Vlad Topalov presented a new song, which he dedicated to his beloved wife in gratitude for his son.

Baby Michael was born on December 5, 2018. Recently, Regina and Vlad began to increasingly show the child in their personal blogs, however, hiding his face, and talk about their son. By the way, stellar parents are so accustomed to a new role for themselves that they are already dreaming of replenishment in the family.

We already want a girl! When I left the hospital, I immediately said that, in principle, I did not mind giving birth again. It's just that the process itself is so long! First, you carry for nine months, then you feed for another year … In many ways, you have to limit yourself - in food, traveling. But I still want children. Lot!

- said the TV presenter in an interview with OK! ".

Photo: Instagram @reginatodorenko, @vladtopalovofficial

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