The Main Mistakes Women Make After Breaking Up

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The Main Mistakes Women Make After Breaking Up
The Main Mistakes Women Make After Breaking Up

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Different women experience parting with a once loved one in different ways: someone devotes himself to work, someone, on the contrary, takes time off and prefers to cry out the accumulated pain. Moreover, in most cases, after a breakup, women make the same annoying mistakes. Which ones? Will tell "Rambler".

Return items personally

It is this pretext that many women use to see their "ex" again, even if the decision to break up was made long ago and unconditionally. Looking for reasons to meet is a waste of time and effort. It is no coincidence that they say: “Out of sight and out of mind!” - this saying really works. And let your friends give the things.

"Friends" after parting

Often, the initiators of the gap offer to "stay friends", and sometimes this proposal seems quite reasonable. That's just self-deception. If you still regularly see your ex-partner, communicate with him, walk, at one point it will seem to you that everything remains the same. But when he brings a new girlfriend to your common company, you are unlikely to remember that you promised to be his "friend".

Talking nasty things about your ex

In the first days after breaking up, it's perfectly okay to tell your friends about what kind of bastard your ex-lover was. But if you say nasty things about your ex on an ongoing basis, in every conversation, appropriate or not, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to forget about him completely. By insulting your ex, you only show that you still care.

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