Volga Judoka Shared The Secrets Of Family Happiness

Volga Judoka Shared The Secrets Of Family Happiness
Volga Judoka Shared The Secrets Of Family Happiness

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Diana Dzhigaros, a judoka from Volzhsky, has been together with her husband Mikhail for over seven years. And they got married quite recently - in September last year. Despite the rather decent period of dating, Diana and Mikhail are gentle and caring with each other, just like on their first dates. Our colleague Andrei Pavlov, six months after their marriage, asked Diana about how she and her husband manage to maintain the romance of their first meetings.


First meeting

- How did your love story begin?

- Another guy showed me signs of attention, but he was embarrassed to be alone with me, so he took his friend Misha with him. So the three of us talked until the moment came when Mikhail and I realized that a serious feeling arose between us.

- When you met, you immediately realized that this is your ideal man?

- No, we were connected only by friendly communication. It was always easy and fun with him, then I still did not think about anything more. As far as I know, this is how many love stories began. A common situation when pleasant communication and sympathy develop into a wonderful feeling. Some time passed, and we both realized that we could no longer live without each other.

- How did he win your heart?

- With my sense of humor. I don't like harsh or very business-like guys. Misha is not like that. He is cheerful, moderately carefree, I always liked being with him, he infected others with positive. This is what bribed me. I will not hide, his attractive appearance also played a role.

- Did Michael look after you beautifully?

- I was crazy about his attentions. In my environment there were only athletes who already received good money and could afford expensive gifts to their girls. Misha was not one of them. For him, in order to buy a girl an expensive phone, he had to work for 3-4 months and at the same time not spend money on anything. But he always gave gifts that he made with his own hands. I remember how he gave me a watch made with his own hand. He amazed me with his paintings. It looked very unusual and cute, I just could not resist such gifts.

Meet the parents

- Was the proposal to formalize your relationship a surprise?

- I don’t know how it all happened spontaneously. I was at the training camp, and we called him several times a day. In one of the conversations, he offered to marry him when I return. Probably, at that moment I did not expect this. Now it is more common to see that girls persuade the guys to legalize the relationship, and in our case, Misha became the initiator of the legal marriage, which I am very happy about.

- Did you agree right away?

- The life of an athlete imposes certain obligations and restrictions. I had no doubts about my feelings for Mikhail, but I couldn't just quit judo and get married right away. I talked with my parents, my coach. I decided that I needed to work out the Olympic cycle until the end, and then it would be possible to play the wedding. Misha supported my decision. And we got married last fall.

- Did your parents also approve of your choice?

- This is a separate story. (Laughs.) Mom was delighted, of course. But dad was, to put it mildly, wary. Fathers, probably, are always jealous of the appearance in the life of the daughter of another man. My dad is no exception. He looked closely at Misha for a very long time.

- And yet Mikhail managed to find a common language with his father-in-law?

- Mom helped, who persuaded dad to talk to Misha heart to heart. Where do men usually communicate? Of course, fishing, especially since dad and his friends loved to sit on the shore with a fishing rod. So he invited my future husband to go fishing. I was very worried, but it turned out that in vain.After this joint trip, they found a common language, and after just a couple of weeks, dad insisted that Misha turn to him as “you”.

- Do you have a separate story with the choice of the wedding date?

- We decided that the wedding will be on the anniversary of our acquaintance. But September 26 fell on Thursday, and on that day no marriages were registered. I had to postpone the wedding for one day, but they considered it uncritical. The date was my initiative. Regular feminine things. We remember the dates when we met, when we kissed for the first time, the date of the wedding. Men are much simpler in this regard. So I decided to make life easier for my husband by combining the date of my acquaintance and wedding. It turned out to be practical - I am not nervous, but he is comfortable. (Laughs.)

Ah, this wedding - Celebrated on a grand scale?

- We had about 75 guests. Only relatives and close friends. The only thing I didn't want was a wedding with all the rituals - the ransom of the bride, the trip of guests to the registry office, the invitation of witnesses. Misha and I together went to the registration, and already in the restaurant we made a fake wedding and proceeded to the celebration. We thought of a show program, tried to organize everything so that everyone would like it. Thanks to this approach, we managed to combine the interests of all generations of relatives who came to our wedding.

- Did you have to postpone your honeymoon trip due to the busy schedule of trainings and competitions?

- We discussed this issue in advance. I had a really busy period until December. She could afford a small vacation only before the New Year. So they decided. A week after the wedding, she flew to a tournament in Brazil, and her honeymoon was planned for December.

- Where and how was your honeymoon?

- Let's go on vacation to Thailand. My friend and my husband's brother were also with us. Misha entrusted me with the choice of a country for rest, and they paid for the trip with the money they gave us for the wedding. Moreover, my husband did not know that his brother would go with us. It was a surprise.

Happiness is in the little things

- Has your relationship changed after marriage?

- Absolutely not changed. At first, however, there was a feeling that we had just started dating. It was also unusual to call each other husband and wife. In general, everything remained unchanged.

- Is your husband jealous of sports? All the same, you devote a lot of time to judo.

- He perfectly understands that I give so much time and effort to judo, he knows why I need it. It would be foolish to be offended and jealous of me for sports. Moreover, he not only understands this, but also supports me in everything. It happens that at the training camp I really miss home, and Misha will call, calm down, say something pleasant - and my soul becomes warm. His support, the support of my family and coach give me extra strength when I need it.

- Share a secret, how do you manage to keep feelings for so many years?

- Relationships are the daily work of two people. For my part, in my free time, I try to compensate for the attention that my husband does not receive in my absence. I love to pamper him with pleasant surprises. And he often comes home with a bouquet of flowers for me. It seems to be trifles, but it is from such trifles that a happy relationship develops.

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