The Happiness Of The Vologda Couple Turned Into Ruby

The Happiness Of The Vologda Couple Turned Into Ruby
The Happiness Of The Vologda Couple Turned Into Ruby

Video: The Happiness Of The Vologda Couple Turned Into Ruby

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The solemn ceremony of the 40th anniversary of the wedding of the Pavlov family was held today at the Lace Museum. Relatives and friends gathered to congratulate the couple on the "ruby wedding". The couple, like 40 years ago, exchanged rings and consolidated their love with kisses while shouting "Bitter!"


Andrei Vasilievich and Maria Izmailovna met in 1977 at a dance evening in the Veterans Park. Love broke out between two people to the sound of Yuri Antonov's song "The Golden Staircase", which lovers still remember. Since then, the couple has only climbed the ladder of life together. A year later, on April 21, 1978, Maria and Andrei were named newlyweds.

“We signed at the city registry office on the street. Lenin. I remember it was a hot day, the alley was fragrant with tulips. Everything was beautiful, a lot of friends and family. I still remember that holiday,”said Maria Pavlova.

The spite of love the wife carried through many years. Two daughters appeared in love, who, in turn, gave Maria and Andrei Pavlov three grandchildren. They were also in the hall today. The happy couple gives their descendants their secrets of life together.

“To love, forgive and yield to each other is the most important thing in life. Try to understand your soul mate, what are the pros and cons. And try to keep a balance: supplement the minus of the other with a plus,”said Andrey and Maria Pavlov.

Keeps the family and creative traditions. Today the spouses sang the songs to the accordion, and the relatives sang along with them. The musical instrument is a relic of the Pavlov family. He is about half a century old. The instrument accompanies the family on all holidays and in the future will be given to the younger generation.

“Such families in our city are a worthy role model for newlyweds. They are an example not only of family relationships, but also of how to preserve and increase love, harmony, and pass on traditions and experience to future generations. Since the beginning of this year, employees of the registry office have congratulated about 20 couples with a long experience of family life. Among the heroes of the day there are couples who have celebrated the 65th anniversary of their life together,”commented Larisa Efimova, head of the registry office for Vologda and the Vologda region.

The Pavlovs put their signatures in the book of honorary anniversaries of the registry office. The celebration was attended by members of the Public Council at the Office of the Civil Registry Office of the Vologda Region. Warm words were addressed to the heroes of the day. The museum staff congratulated the Pavlovs and presented a lace bird as a symbol of family happiness.

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