Fakti (Bulgaria): Russian Prostitute In Bulgaria Reveals Shocking Details Of The Oldest Profession

Fakti (Bulgaria): Russian Prostitute In Bulgaria Reveals Shocking Details Of The Oldest Profession
Fakti (Bulgaria): Russian Prostitute In Bulgaria Reveals Shocking Details Of The Oldest Profession

Video: Fakti (Bulgaria): Russian Prostitute In Bulgaria Reveals Shocking Details Of The Oldest Profession

Video: Bulgaria - Practicing the World's Oldest Profession in Germany | European Journal 2022, December

Alexandra is 38 years old, she is from Russia. She has been living in Bulgaria for 10 years, 8 of which has been practicing this ancient profession. On the site with which she finds clients, she writes that her "specialty" is sadomasochism and fetishes. In an interview with Maritza, she spoke about the hottest situations at work, the wealthiest clients and shared which Bulgarian city the best lovers live in.


Fakty: Aren't you old for a prostitute?

Alexandra: Old? I am still young. Only Gabi works in Varna, she is 60. She writes everywhere that she is 40, throws off her 20 years. He meets clients in grandma's slippers and a knitted vest. Each pot has its own lid.

- How much do you charge for your services?

- 50 leva for half an hour, for an hour with a discount - 80 leva. In Plovdiv, prices are normal, in Sofia they have dropped dramatically - up to 20 leva in half an hour. Recently, there are more girls from the capital, they are taking over the market.

- Do you have enough money?

- For rent (350 leva) and food - yes. Placing an advertisement costs me 4-5 leva every two days. Separately, if a client calls me out of town, I pay for transport and hotel myself. It is difficult, because today you can earn a thousand, and tomorrow nothing. Everything is relative, it's a matter of luck. It is impossible to postpone it, this is an illegal business, it is not known what will happen to us in old age. We want everything in Bulgaria to be like in Germany - so that we can not only provide for ourselves, but also receive pensions.

- Does anyone help you?

- No I myself.

- Not scary?

- We are psychologists. We can estimate what kind of person we will work with even during a telephone conversation. Our life depends on this assessment. At first I was brave, but after getting burned a couple of times, I became more careful.

- Has your life ever been in jeopardy?

- Once in Sofia one put a pneumatic pistol to my head. I almost wet myself. When he put the gun down on the coffee table and I asked to put it away, he got mad and put it to my forehead. He gagged me and took my phone. Thank God I didn't shoot. Sometimes money was stolen from me, sometimes they demanded money back. One paid me first, then came back and said: "I am Alexei Petrov's nephew, give me the money." And his friend was like a police officer. Of course, I gave them the money, what else could I do ?!

- How long was the longest act with a client?

- An hour, no more, and thank God. He was a young guy, he didn't even stop smoking during this. There was another client, he did it 6 times in 3 hours. Once in a guest house on the sea I was kept for 4 hours. The client was high, watching porn from the phone. Recently I had a company of young guys, we just drank beer, chatted and that's it. I sent them to a good friend. I once had a 92-year-old grandfather who was almost blind. We had sex for half an hour.

- It's impossible.

- Well, maybe he took Viagra, I don't know, but the fact remains.

- Who paid you the most?

- A regular client from Sofia, he rented out real estate in the Vitosha area. He came to me almost every day and left 200 leva per hour. He was about 74 years old, but still lived with his mother, a very elderly woman, who called him frequently during the "session." She kept scolding him for wasting money on prostitutes. Once a young man paid me 600 leva per hour. Decorator Jean-Claude van Damme also paid generously. From him I learned that the famous actor is in love with paid love and cocaine. But then he left. Now all good and solvent people have gone abroad.

- Which men are the best lovers?

- Black has an impressive one. I say to one: "You are very big." And he answers me: "Yes, and you are not small." Turks are very rude, they stick their hands everywhere.One Chinese man became so brutal that he bit me all over. I had clients from Moldova, Latvia, even from India. One Armenian from Rostov-on-Don came to me after 2 liters of vodka. Then he says: "No, I don't like it, nothing will come of it." And how can it come out after 2 liters of vodka? One day a whole bus of Ukrainians and Russians arrived. My friend was able to serve five, and I was able to serve four. Russians are quite liberated in sex, but the best lovers I have ever had were, of course, the Bulgarians. Especially from Plovdiv.

- The strangest desire of the client?

- One guy wanted me to step on his chest. Another, Russian, called me just for the company. I was treated to sushi and white wine. Russians love sushi. He asked me to find him a transvestite. He had never been with that, he was interested. And I just had to watch. I called a guy from Pazardzhik. Everything was fine, but in the morning the Russian felt ashamed and kicked us out.

- How do you deal with stress?

- I drink after work. Recently I tried hot brandy for the first time. With honey. This is not vodka, it cannot get drunk, after it you just relax.

- What do you say to clients who come for love, and not just for sex?

- That there is Facebook for this.

- Who most often becomes your client?

- I have different clients, mostly young guys. They are better educated. Old people, if they fail, immediately begin to accuse me. There are no such problems with young people. Russian-speaking people all want to help me with advertising - we are compatriots after all. So I answer that my children are not hungry.

- How many children do you have?

- Two, they live in Plovdiv.

- Do they know what you do?

- No, I don't even think to tell them. If I ever have a boyfriend, I wouldn't want him to know what I'm doing either.

- Why? You can stop and it will all be in the past. They say women of easy virtue then become wonderful spouses.

- This work is like a drug - it is difficult to refuse it. I have friends who married clients and had children. They told their men what they were doing and quit prostitution. Other acquaintances of mine did not tell and continued to do it secretly. And there are those whose husbands have nothing against this profession, they even stay at home and look after the children while their wives serve another client. Personally, I am in no hurry with a serious relationship. I feel better this way. Once a client suggested that I meet, but when I saw that he had a mortgage for an apartment and a lot of financial problems, he just wanted to use me.

- And if you turn up young, rich and promising?

- Well, then you might think.



Many prostitutes use such sites to evade taxes!

Bai Sabin

What is the point of going to a prostitute if you want to again in 2-3 hours.


Very educational article, bravo. Great media. I feel how rich I am!

Rights e

She is right - it needs to be legal so that they receive a pension.


This fool is killing me. 4-5 people are nothing for her. Just a car. With a 92-year-old grandfather, it’s out of the ordinary - what kind of Viagra should be and what a heart! Most of all I liked the confession about black leather sticks - for some women it's a nightmare, for others it's a gift.


By the age of 38, she was already all saggy and stretched, she only had to entertain the boys who want to study and take selfies with her.


The whole article is a solid invention of a person with not very rich imagination, I have already heard some of this, these nonsense amused me a lot


Apparently, they will really try to legalize prostitution, and with the help of such brainwashing articles they prepare the population.

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