Worst Gift For A Boyfriend: What Not To Give On February 14

Worst Gift For A Boyfriend: What Not To Give On February 14
Worst Gift For A Boyfriend: What Not To Give On February 14

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“All sorts of nice little things, paired hearts, candles, stuff with pictures - this is a quiet horror”, - Alexey S., a bank employee, shares with VN.RU. Grown men are not hungry for a trinket with a heart and mugs with your photo.


Specific "second"

Another anti-trend is slippers and everything from the "comfort and peace" section. There is no need to hint to a man that he is already a specific "second-hand" and needs woolen socks, heating pads and other accessories for the elderly. If everything is so, he will figure it out himself and secretly visit a pharmacy or special store.

Briefs and socks - don’t even think about giving this.

Underwear for men, psychologists assure, this is not underwear for women. Just a consumable that is used is taken to the wash and then thrown away. There is not even a hint of a holiday here. Also, do not buy shirts and pants by eye.

Your boyfriend may love a very different style of clothing. Photo by Alexey Tanyushin

“Even the size of a shirt may not fit on the belly, and the trousers may be longer or shorter than necessary,” says our interlocutor Pavel, a manager of a large company.

Do not try to sing

There is one more thing not from men on February 14 - poems and songs of your composition. Leave the masterpieces from the series “How great that I have you” for congratulations to the mother-in-law and other women. Moreover, expressing feelings and expressing oneself are not the same thing, men cynically note.

Soapy-snout. The rumor that men love cosmetics is greatly exaggerated. Do not give them special products for special skin, applied strictly to specific places. Even not all women have time to smear all these pretentious cans until they start to stink. “If a man needs it, he will choose and buy everything himself,” our interlocutors shared.

No need to go to the theater

Another way to ruin a man's Valentine's Day is to offer to play board games, take him to the theater and refuse sex. According to the experts of the Picodi portal, on February 14, every second man expects a good dinner and sex. Another desirable thing is good wallets, purses, belts and flash drives.

“I love gifts that I don’t dare to buy myself,” Viktor Sikorsky, the restaurant’s chef, shares with us. - Let's say I never buy myself a new cool purse, choose a simpler one, or go with the old one. And if the beloved woman had guessed, it would be super."

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Men value attentive empathetic women as much as generous ones:

“Phew… Everything is subjective,” comments blogger Alexander Matveev, “but for me the best gift is the one that I need, and not a standard, albeit expensive, present. It is important for me that the other half notices my needs and interests and chooses a gift based on them. This is significant for the relationship."

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