Touchy: Why American Athlete Lolo Jones Remains A Virgin At 37

Touchy: Why American Athlete Lolo Jones Remains A Virgin At 37
Touchy: Why American Athlete Lolo Jones Remains A Virgin At 37

Video: Touchy: Why American Athlete Lolo Jones Remains A Virgin At 37

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Video: Lolo Jones Speaks On Her Virginity, Being Single & Kobe Bryant on Instagram Live | Jan 27th, 2020 2023, February

Keeping oneself for the one and only is a respected decision. Despite this, 37-year-old American athlete Lolo Jones, who took part in three Olympic Games, admits that due to her honest confessions of her innocence, dates usually did not go well.


The athlete who specializes in hurdles and bobsleigh has not yet met a soul mate, but she really wants it. Find out why an American made such an unusual life decision in our article. American athlete Lolo Jones says that the desire to keep her virginity until the wedding ruined all of her dates.

37-year-old virgin confessed to lack of sexual activity. She thinks she made the wrong decision to speak out so loudly. The fact that she openly spoke about her virginity to potential boyfriends destroyed all prospects for a relationship.

Lolo Jones is currently preparing for the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. The athlete says that not having sex before the wedding is her personal decision, not a family tradition. Lolo's mother has five children, but she has never been married.

The American track and field athlete is a dedicated Christian. The girl has repeatedly said that religion plays an important role in her life. She reads the Bible and listens to Christian music.

Lolo admitted that due to the lack of "offloading" she can train harder, but in the end she is still at a disadvantage. The athlete still believes that an active sex life helps women athletes.

Lola discussed her situation with actor Kevin Hart on his TV show "Cold As Balls"

The athlete took part in three Olympic Games: in the Summer 2008 in Beijing, in the Summer 2012 in London and in bobsled during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Jones has never won a medal, but she is not discouraged and is preparing for the competition in Tokyo.

Lolo says she shares such intimate information with the public to give a more complete picture of virgins. By her example, the athlete wants to show that girls who do not have sex also enjoy life and are open to communication. She recalls how her dating confession surprised guys and turned them away from her.

Being a virgin before marriage is a personal choice for everyone. Lolo Jones made her choice in favor of the one and only, for which she continues to take care of herself. We wish the athlete to meet a worthy man as soon as possible in order to finally let off steam and achieve even better results in competitions.

It turns out that Lolo is not the only beauty who has crossed the 30-year mark and remained a virgin. Christina Carrillo-Bucaram, a famous vegetarian vlogger, admitted that she also keeps her innocence until the wedding. Nevertheless, the girl has been in a serious relationship with her regular boyfriend for a year and a half.

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