Stars Who Are Still Together Despite Cheating Rumors

Stars Who Are Still Together Despite Cheating Rumors
Stars Who Are Still Together Despite Cheating Rumors

Video: Stars Who Are Still Together Despite Cheating Rumors

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Video: 7 Celeb Relationships That Survived Cheating Scandals 2023, January

Oksana Samoilova and Dzhigan


Rumors of Djigan's infidelity appear on the Web much more often than news and the release of his new tracks. Moreover, regularly there are girls who are ready to provide "evidence" of the rapper's infidelity. The artist's wife Oksana Samoilova prefers not to respond to the "yellow" headlines and not comment on media statements. Judging by the social networks of the model, their spouse has an ideal family, which is unlikely to be so easily destroyed.

Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin

Not so long ago, journalists "caught" Leonid Agutin in treason. Representatives of the press published the news that the artist had an affair with his ward from the show "The Voice" Elina Chaga. Angelica Varum also added fuel to the fire, who, after publications in the media, posted an ambiguous post about parting on social networks. Agutin himself decided to dot the i. He hastened to assure that his relationship with his wife is excellent and that there can be no question of a break. By the way, rumors about Leonid's infidelity have been circulating on the Web for a long time. However, despite this, it has not yet come to a divorce.

Timati and Anastasia Reshetova

Numerous sources from the rapper's entourage say that Timati is not faithful. In addition to the fact that the leader of Black Star continues to communicate nicely with his former lover Alena Shishkova, he is also regularly seen in the company of other girls, among whom his current passion, Anastasia Reshetova, is often not. Anastasia herself was noticed more than once along with the son of the oligarch Sergei Sarkisov. However, it seems that there can be no question of the separation of the rapper and the model. On the contrary, now the web is actively discussing Reshetova's pregnancy and her imminent wedding with Timati.

Pavel Priluchny and Agata Muceniece

The relationship between Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Muceniece was under threat a few months ago. The stars took a break to see if they could be without each other. Failed. And even despite the fact that during the break, the media wrote about the actor's infidelities, the spouses managed to save the marriage.

Pelageya and Ivan Telegin

In February of this year, a photo was leaked on the Web, which shows a mysterious brunette kissing a married hockey player Ivan Telegin on the lips. Fortunately, the "homeless woman" hastened to refute the rumors about the affair with the athlete.

“The only thing I can say about this whole situation is that everything is fine in their family! It's the same in my personal life! We congratulated Ivan on his victory with a large group of friends and family. And the photo, taken out of the context of the general video by some people who do not know us at all, in order to gossip,”she said in a conversation with reporters. But the wife of Telegin preferred to remain silent in this situation, so as not to harm her marriage.

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