11 Male Habits That Most Often Lead To Divorce

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11 Male Habits That Most Often Lead To Divorce
11 Male Habits That Most Often Lead To Divorce

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When people are in love and are just starting their marriage, they do not pay attention to some of the characteristics of their spouse. But some habits in the future can lead to divorce.

Each case of family breakdown is individual, but statistics show several common cases of divorce due to male habits. “They didn’t agree in character,” “changed,” “drinks and beats” - these are the most frequent arguments that women give in the divorce proceedings. But there are also less obvious reasons leading to divorce.

1. An avid gamer

Addiction to computer games is on a par with drugs and alcohol. And not without reason, because the psyche of avid gamers is not changing for the better. They become aggressive, do not pay due attention to the family and are increasingly immersed in the virtual world.

2. Believes that household chores are the lot of women

If a man believes that the solution of all everyday problems is the lot of exclusively the female half of humanity, then the chances of maintaining such a marriage become less and less every year. Family relationships, in which spouses share household chores, are always stronger in practice.

3. An ardent feminist

On the one hand, it may seem that he supports women and respects their right to equality. But still take a closer look at him: if he too often says that a woman should achieve everything herself, bring money to the family at least as much as her spouse, and at the same time also drag on the whole life and children, then most likely the relationship will not last long.

4. Doesn't make eye contact

Avoiding eye contact can break the emotional bond between husband and wife. As a result, it leads to alienation and often to divorce.

5. Works less than 8 hours a day

Part-time work for men, as it turned out, often leads to divorce. Why is not clear, but the statistics do not lie.

6. Insists on children, but is not ready to participate in their upbringing

Such a desire may be a subconscious desire to make a woman dependent on him. Of course, this does not apply to men who are ready to take care of children, but applies to those who consider upbringing to be the lot of women.

7. Hangs on social networks

The active promotion of the coolness of polygamous relationships on social networks, as well as beautiful pictures of women, push some spouses to thoughts of treason. And this is the first step to divorce.

8. Too young for marriage

If a man at the time of entering into a marriage relationship is less than 25 years old, then the chance of not living until old age with his soul mate is reduced by 2 times.

9. Does not monitor his appearance and health

Men like to blame their wives for neglecting themselves, but they often forget to pay attention to their appearance. It would not be superfluous for them to know that the reason for divorce is often male indifference to their health and appearance.

10. Inconsistency of indicators of success

If for your husband the criterion of success is expensive “show-off” in the form of a status phone, expensive shoes and clothes, a business class car, but for you something else, then with a high degree of probability your marriage will not last long.

11. Mama's son

Most annoying type of men! Such people obey their mother in all matters and do not make an independent decision. Of course, it is good when men love their mother, but at the same time it is important that he knows how to set personal boundaries and does not allow her to get involved in the problems of his family.

Can you complete this list? Which men do you think are the least suitable for family life?

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