Holiday Romance: You Will Never Forget Me, I Will Never See You

Holiday Romance: You Will Never Forget Me, I Will Never See You
Holiday Romance: You Will Never Forget Me, I Will Never See You

Video: Holiday Romance: You Will Never Forget Me, I Will Never See You

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Summer is in full swing: everything is blooming, the gentle sun is shining, the slowness of movements, smiles, a wonderful mood. I want to live and enjoy! And here even the coronavirus cannot interfere. Summer! And this means that the time has come for resort romances! Some argue that this is a sin, while others are quite excited about it. Who is right? Specially for the "Argumenty Nedelya" interview on this topic with the Latvian psychologist Zhanna Kulakova.


-Zhanna, are resort romances good or is it, excuse me, a whim?

- Resort romances are as old as the world. Remember the wonderful film "Love and Doves", or "The Lady with the Dog" by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Classical literature has devoted many works to this. And he has every right to do so. For many people, a holiday romance is a beautiful fairy tale, magic. Usually such romances begin in resorts: the sea, the beach, the night sky, a little alcohol, little clothes, fun, relaxation. I also want romance. And in the resorts, everyone is "practically" free. But this is there, at the resort, there is a fairy tale. But what happens then There is also a dramatic plot.

-Zhanna, but people are adults! Must understand that this is not for "forever and ever"?

-Should. But statistics say something else: 80% of women after a resort romance are ready for divorce! Can you imagine the "scope" of such statistics? And only 20% of men after an affair are ready for divorce.

-It turns out that women are more emotional, romantic, amorous?

- I would say that women "lose their heads" more: a man takes good care of him, speaks tender words, the appropriate surroundings of the resort. You can lose your head. But the vacation ends. You need to return to your usual everyday life. And this is not so easy for a passionate lady. It seems to her that this love of her life! She should be with him. So I'm ready for divorce. I have had cases when such women came to me.

-What did you advise?

-Wait, take your time. Let time pass. I. As a rule, wives did not leave their husbands. But there were also very unpleasant consequences. For example, a free man was in "contact" with a woman at a resort. And the lady was married. He didn’t want to leave, and she didn’t want to change anything in her life. The man began to upload photos to social networks Moreover, he financially blackmailed this woman. And there are such situations.

- Are there countries where the most resort romances are recorded?

-Yes. Turkey, Italy, Egypt.

-Zhanna, why are married men looking for a holiday romance? Tired of wives?

-The man at the resort feels free! He is free to do everything! Burst out of everyday life. He is not against "new sex". Of course, until the wife knows

-But there are cases when a holiday romance ends in a completely serious relationship?

-Total 5%. And young people. As a psychologist, I absolutely do not deny that in some cases a resort romance is beneficial. Refreshes the relationship. But psychologists have a term. Which defines such a relationship - frivolous love. It is intended for entertainment, relaxation.

-How to end a holiday romance with dignity? Do not offend the person.

-I had such cases when men came with this question. I think I should honestly say that everything was wonderful, fabulous, but this is just a resort romance. And add I will never forget you, you will never see me. Say it gently. But I would like, during the summer, holidays, married couples to think about a joint vacation. For example, leaving children with grandmothers and grandfathers and spending time together. Trust me, the couple might start a new honeymoon. And this is better than frivolous love.

-Thank you.

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