How Actors Play Lovers After Breaking Up In Real Life

How Actors Play Lovers After Breaking Up In Real Life
How Actors Play Lovers After Breaking Up In Real Life

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Sergey Zhigunov and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk


Perhaps the picture in which Sergei and Anastasia played a couple needs no introduction: many viewers still remember Shatalin and Vika when they look at them. The couple's relationship is an office romance that began on the set of My Fair Nanny. Sergei even divorced his wife Vera Novikova, dreaming of a wedding with Anastasia. The plans remained only plans: Zhigunov and Zavorotnyuk broke up two years later, never reaching the registry office.

The novel ended, but the series did not. So, despite the painful breakup, the ex-lovers had to see each other every day on the set of the last season of The Perfect Nanny. According to the film crew, the artists did not make scandals and quarrels, but the atmosphere in the pavilion was oppressive. The actors did their best to maintain a working relationship, but it was noticeable how hard each of them was going through the breakup. Later these guesses were confirmed by Zhigunov himself.

"We continue to work together and, as far as possible, communicate. It is difficult to communicate, because we have lived two difficult years and continue to live our own lives, being on the set. Every day I go to work, to shoot the film" My Fair Nanny "and I play the husband of Vika Prutkovskaya, played by Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. We have a very difficult situation, "- said Sergei Zhigunov.

By the way, after parting with Zavorotnyuk, the man returned to his ex-wife, and Anastasia found her happiness in the person of the figure skater Pyotr Chernyshev.

Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov

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One of the most beautiful couples in Soviet cinema broke up after 17 years of marriage. Fans experienced the divorce of Alferova and Abdulov no less than the artists themselves, constantly remembering the tape "Do not part with your loved ones." In the film by Pavel Arsenov, the couple played husband and wife and showed such strong feelings on the screen that it became clear: in real life, they cannot live without each other.

We were able to. We parted. And 13 years later, they again became a married couple - however, only on the set, in the series "Trap". Director Vladimir Krasnopolsky considered the invitation of Alferova and Abdulov to the main roles as a big gamble and nevertheless decided to talk. To the surprise of the man, Irina and Alexander agreed without hesitation, only asking hopefully in their voice: "Does he agree? / Does she agree?" Krasnopolsky was especially worried about the bed scene - how will the former lovers, who now have new families, react to it? But with this task, according to the director, the main characters coped with it easily. And even more:

"I asked Sasha cautiously:" How are you going to play this? " “Ira and I ourselves have already agreed on everything, so don’t worry, we’ll do everything.” As a result, they looked very organic in the frame. To be honest, then we all had the impression that if we with our cameras and lighting devices suddenly evaporated somewhere, leaving them alone, they would not have stopped …"

Svetlana Khodchenkova and Vladimir Yaglych

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"Khodchenkova and Yaglych are together again," read the headlines in 2015. The actors really went to Kaliningrad, where they walked along the sea coast, holding hands. But all this is according to the script. The former spouses met on the set of the sports drama "Warrior", where they played husband and wife. The artists themselves have been married for five years. Their union was called unequal: the career of the blonde went uphill, and the man got only supporting roles - perhaps it was this fact that caused the breakup. According to other sources, the actors only demonstrated harmony in public, and in private they constantly swore. Be that as it may, the result is the same - a divorce in 2010 and a very cool relationship.Just as dryly, a man and a woman recall working together on the site:

"Sveta is a very professional person. Therefore, it was easy for us to work together. We just did our job, and that's it," Vladimir shared his impressions.

By the way, the reunion of ex-lovers is not the only intrigue that awaited the audience of the film. Svetlana's heroine moonlights as a dancer in a bar, so Khodchenkova had to take a couple of pole dancing lessons for the role. Complex stunts for the blonde were performed by the understudy, and in the rest of the scenes the actress chose to act on her own.

Agnia Ditkovskite and Alexey Chadov

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This couple of movies has been brought together more than once. Where they played in feelings, and where they really loved each other - it's not so easy to figure it out. Agnia and Alexey met on the set of the film "Heat" in 2006, which became the starting point of their romance - a stormy and emotional one. Three years later, the actors parted, and after the same amount they reunited. And again, not without the help of cinema. In 2012, Alexey with his brother and ex-lover as the main characters starred in the TV series "A Matter of Honor" - the audience saw the premiere only in 2015. The heroes of Ditkovskite and Chadovs are participants in a love triangle, but it is much more interesting to watch a real romance on the set. Between whom did feelings flare up? Between the former spouses, of course.

"Everything was on emotions. Agnia and I met and realized that we wanted to be together again. We played a very funny wedding. But not for long, as it turned out! The most important thing in this story is our son Fedor, who appeared with us. Absolutely, everything was not right. in vain, "says Chadov.

Recall that in 2014, Agnia and Alexei had their first child, and a year later (after another three years of love - the number that haunts the artists!), The couple announced the breakup. It seems like a point in history, only Chadov and Ditkovskite continue to intrigue fans. Apparently, in August, the ex-spouses were vacationing at sea. They did not publish joint pictures, but were photographed against the background of the same landscapes, which gave rise to a new wave of rumors.

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