The Psychologist Named The Habits That Interfere With Marriage

The Psychologist Named The Habits That Interfere With Marriage
The Psychologist Named The Habits That Interfere With Marriage

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Psychologist Olga Kopylova called "bad habits" that can cause unsuccessful relationships, reports "".

According to her, the first of them is the woman's desire to do everything on her own, without waiting for the man's help. The expert called it a disease called "myself". She noted that like a virus, "I myself" passes from mothers to daughters, and they, in turn, transmit this pattern of behavior to their children.

Kopylova believes that a man will never be happy with such a woman, because a strong half of humanity needs to be believed in, and then they will be able to maintain their masculinity.

“At first he will be indignant and protest, because his strength is not recognized. Then he will feel helpless and flawed. And in the end he will simply give up any attempts to defend his rights., - noted Kopylova.

She advises women to analyze their behavior. According to her, a man should feel himself the strongest, smartest and most successful, so you should not undermine his faith in himself. She recommends supporting men, gently praising them for their victories and allowing them to take the initiative.

The psychologist emphasized that in no case should you make fun of your man in front of other people. In her opinion, by doing this, women are trying to get rid of the accumulated irritation and even raise their self-esteem. But it can cost them family happiness, says the doctor.

The psychologist also advises not to try to constantly control a man, since those who are used to keeping any situation under control are in constant tension. “But true pleasure is impossible without relaxation,” Kopylova is sure.

In addition, a man becomes bored with an eternally controlling woman and he begins to glance "to the left." In this regard, she recommends letting the man independently decide what to wear and what to eat. In addition, the psychologist says, the man already has a mother who will help get rid of bad habits and bad company, he needs a wife - a friend, assistant, companion with whom he is never bored.

Kopylova also advises not to hide resentment against her husband, to hide dissatisfaction behind tense silence, demonstrative neglect or monosyllabic answers. At the same time, it is worth remembering that sometimes, in order to smooth out a conflict or quarrel, it is better to remain silent. You need to intuitively feel when it is appropriate and when it is not.

The psychologist invites spouses to talk heart to heart as often as possible, to speak out their feelings and learn to listen to their partner. At the same time, it is important that the discussion does not develop into a new quarrel. To do this, you need to agree in advance to conduct a dialogue calmly.

One of the reasons for family conflicts, the psychologist calls a woman's refusal of intimacy, covered by a headache. There are many ways to bring passion back into a relationship, she says, which will surely work if both partners put in some effort. Couples should consider what they are missing in order to want intimacy. The expert advises to stay alone, not to talk about business and problems - only about your love. This will help to re-feel your partner, revive feelings and give a new impetus to the development of relations, assures Kopylova.

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