You Are No Longer My Father: Why Did The Stars Disown Their Relatives

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You Are No Longer My Father: Why Did The Stars Disown Their Relatives
You Are No Longer My Father: Why Did The Stars Disown Their Relatives

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It became known which of the domestic and foreign celebrities abandoned their loved ones and what was the reason for this.


While some stars at least occasionally try to establish contact with their relatives, others exclude even fleeting meetings with them and openly declare their hatred of loved ones. tried to find out which of the domestic and foreign celebrities abandoned their loved ones and what was the reason for this.

Sergey Zverev



Doesn't communicate with his son, who loves "people's life"

When the adopted son of stylist Sergei Zverev was young, the relationship with his father looked perfect. Zverev often took little Seryozha to all kinds of parties, and he, in turn, imitated his famous father in everything.

However, with the transitions into adolescence of Zverev Jr., everything has changed. The young man decided that the world of glamor was not his world, and in general, in a secular get-together, he began to feel like a stranger.

The father did not understand the mood of the young man, their relationship with his son went cold. As a result, in 2014, Zverev Jr. left Moscow and settled in Kolomna.

Here he married a simple girl Masha and got a job at a hotel reception. The father did not approve of his son's decision and did not come to the wedding.

Six months later, the marriage of Zverev Jr. fell apart. However, this did not lead to reconciliation with his father. The young man continued to lead a "quiet life" away from the starry crowd.

Zverev Sr. does not take much part in the fate of his adopted son.

Kirill Tolmatsky (Decl)


Can't forgive a young dancer to her father

The relationship of the famous producer Alexander Tolmatsky with his son Kirill, known to the general public under the pseudonym Decl, deteriorated in the early 2000s. Before that, a creative and family tandem seemed perfect.

It is believed that the relationship went wrong almost immediately after the father decided to divorce and marry a young dancer, Anna.

Although according to another version, the discord was due to the personal relationship of the father to the son. Decl's mother believes that his father treated his son exclusively as a consumer, saw in him only a source of money when Kirill became popular.

Today Decl continues to avoid his father.

Angelina Jolie


Offended by my father because of the divorce

It is believed that the relationship between the actress and her father, actor John Voight, has become very, very difficult for a long time.

When Angelina was very young, due to the fact that her father decided to leave his wife, actress Marcheline Bertrand, and plunged into work.

Thanks to the divorce, he made good progress. But Angelina's mother had a hard time: two children remained in her arms, she had to leave her work in the cinema.

In general, when Angelina reached adolescence and realized what was happening, she decided not to communicate with her father and abandoned his last name. Because of this, the father even once called his daughter a psychopath. However, occasionally the actor did see his daughter.

After the death of her mother (Marcheline Bertrand died in 2007 from cancer), Angelina seemed to have somewhat changed her attitude towards her father and began to see him sometimes. However, as Western tabloids write, Jolie was never able to forgive her father for her mother's betrayal.



Doesn't communicate with brother because of drugs and bullying

The famous singer did not get along with her older brothers since childhood. And especially with the eldest - Anthony.

As you know from the biography of the pop diva, her older brothers often mocked her. Another reason for their bad relationship was their addiction to drugs.

Today Anthony Ciccone is a beggar and at times the most ordinary bum.Three years ago, he had health problems, he asked for financial help from his famous sister, but received a sharp refusal.

As Anthony himself said then, Madonna simply "does not care whether he is alive or dead."

Drew Barrymore


Doesn't communicate with mother because of "difficult childhood"

Popular actress Drew Barrymore first tried alcohol and cigarettes at the age of 9, and drugs - at 12 - drugs. At 14, the girl learned what a rehabilitation clinic is.

As it turns out, the mother of the future star did not follow the child at all, dragged the girl to nightclubs and gave her alcohol and cigarettes herself.

When Drew turned 15, she decided to get rid of parental care and began an independent life. And after the monstrous popularity fell on the girl, the mother began to sell spicy stories about her daughter to journalists, as well as her children's things and toys. Of course, this only contributed to the separation of the actress from the parent.

In 2015, Drew Barrymore released her autobiographical collection of essays, Wildflower, in which she spoke in detail about her childhood and the difficult relationship with her mother that pushed her to break up. As Drew said at the time, she really hopes that her mother, with whom she has not communicated for many years, will be the first to read the book.

Now the actress sometimes sees her mother, but the childhood resentment and the years of "silent war" did not pass without a trace: Drew was never able to restore the relationship inherent in mother and daughter, reports

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