The "Snow Queen" Of The Uzbek Stage Got Married

The "Snow Queen" Of The Uzbek Stage Got Married
The "Snow Queen" Of The Uzbek Stage Got Married

Video: The "Snow Queen" Of The Uzbek Stage Got Married

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TASHKENT, November 14 - Sputnik. Popular Uzbek singer Saida - Svetlana Saidieva, got married.


In Uzbekistan, she is often called the Snow Queen for her role in the musical of the same name by the Khasanov brothers, which delighted the Tashkent public for two years in a row on New Year's Eve.

The singer's wedding took place last weekend in Tashkent at the Yakkasaroy restaurant. Stars of the Uzbek show business came to congratulate the newlyweds. In particular, Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Raikhon, lead singer of the VIA "Karavan" group Alisher Pulatov, singer Farhad Boltaev, as well as TV presenters Nilufar Sotiboldieva, Dildar Islamova and others were noticed at the wedding.

In her Instagram, singer Raikhon, wrote a very warm congratulations to Svetlana and her husband.

"With all my heart, I congratulate my dear girl @saida_singer on the happiest day. Love and take care of each other. Happiness and love," the singer signed a photo from the wedding of friends.

All that is known about Saidieva's husband is that his name is Vildar Umyarov. The couple announced their engagement two months ago. Recall that Svetlana Saidieva was born in Tashkent in 1984. Since childhood, she has been studying music, graduated from the circus college, as well as the State Conservatory in the direction of pop vocal. She began her singing career in 2000 as part of the popular group "Alo". Since 2004 he has been singing solo.

In 2012, Saidieva took part in the television project "The Voice" on Channel One. At the blind auditions, two mentors turned to the girl at once - Alexander Gradsky and Dima Bilan. Svetlana preferred to work in the Gradsky team, reached the third round.

It is also known that the pseudonym Saida was proposed to the singer in 2011 by Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Mansur Tashmatov. Then he invited her to the international competition in Sevastopol "Songs of the Sea-2011" to represent Uzbekistan as a singer under the pseudonym Saida. The name was not chosen by chance. Svetlana's great-grandfather's name was Said.

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