Simple Secrets Of Family Happiness

Simple Secrets Of Family Happiness
Simple Secrets Of Family Happiness

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On October 2, a concert dedicated to the Day of the Older Generation was held in the concert hall of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development Leonid Pechatnikov congratulated the pensioners on the holiday.


The festive concert was attended by 1200 war and labor veterans from all over the capital.

Among the guests of honor are participants in the defense of Moscow, grandparents raising at least ten grandchildren, married couples who have lived together for 50 years or more.

Petr and Valentina Marinkush celebrated their diamond wedding this year. They met in Krasnoyarsk.

She is a nutritional college student. He returned from the army the day before and conquered it at first sight.

- Soul to soul lived for 60 years, - says Pyotr Kirillovich. - Of course, it was not without quarrels. But without them, love does not exist.

Throughout the entire marriage, there has never been a desire to separate. But this is already indicative.

Peter Kirillovich claims: he fell in love instantly. The young people met at a dance. When he entered the hall, he immediately directed to Valentina.

“And a month later we got married,” says Petr Marinkush. - Everything was modest. Only with the closest ones. In my opinion, it should be so. The wedding doesn't have to be loud. It's very personal. Like love.

- Yes, and we are non-conflict, - Valentina Stepanovna supports her husband, revealing the main secret of family happiness. - Sometimes you have to give in.

Rosa and Eduard Kogany have been together for sixty-six years.

They have another secret of a happy family life.

- Relationships are work, - assures Eduard Izrailevich. - Support each other, try to make the relationship better, add color to them - all this is simply necessary.

My wife and I, for example, love to travel.

To the question "How did you meet?" Eduard Kogan prefers to answer with the phrase: "Found her in a snowdrift."

He tells this story for the hundredth time, but always with pleasure.

- Rosochka came to the rink, but did not know how to skate at all, - Eduard Kogan recalls. - While skating at the Dynamo stadium, I saw her falling into a snowdrift. He helped to get out, gave him some tea. Since then we have not parted.

- I want to wish you the most important thing - health, - the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov addressed the pensioners. - As they say, the rest will be added.

The congratulations were joined by the head of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the City Population Vladimir Petrosyan and the Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Alexei Shaposhnikov.

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