What Every Man Should Do After Sex

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What Every Man Should Do After Sex
What Every Man Should Do After Sex

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Thousands of books and many more educational tools on the Internet are devoted to the topics “What to do during sex” and “What to do after sex”. And all the same, some male homo sapiens manages to ruin everything, if not during the sacred process, then after: letting go of a stupid phrase from the film with Adam Sandler, remembering his ex, or simply turning away with a snore to the wall.


Men, finally take into account and remember: the first minutes after sex are no less important than the passionate process itself, so read carefully below what you must (and simply must!) According to the code of etiquette in bed to do after sex.

Dispose of the condom gently

No need to twist them in front of our noses, examine the contents and hone clumsy humor. And you certainly don't need to leave your used contraceptive in the folds of your bedding or hang it on your bedside table, as if it were a memorable trophy of a stormy night. Please learn to handle your "gizmos" properly and dispose of the condom delicately, or even spy, as if it never really existed.

Bring water

A pleasant gesture that in this situation will demonstrate care and attention. Depending on the season and on their own tastes, it would be nice for men to expand the offer: in the fall - invigorating lemonade with ginger and cinnamon, in the winter - green tea, early in the morning - coffee in bed (you can even without a croissant), during a work break - a jar of energy drink so that you both get back to business with a refreshed supply of energy. The girl has the right to refuse any postcoital fluids, but this does not negate the politeness of the gesture.

Offer to take a bath together

Bathing together after sex is unparalleled in terms of mood swings from passionate to romantic: five minutes ago, you almost broke your fourth leg by the bed, and now, with a teenage blush on your cheeks, you allow him to gently rub your back and giggle like on a first date. British scientists, of course, did not derive such statistics, but something tells us that taking a shower after sex brings you so close that either hot kisses and declarations of love or another sex happen at the exit.

To take a shower

Not to be confused with the previous paragraph, because if it spoke of sensual tenderness, then this paragraph hints at purely banal hygiene: a shower after sex is necessary not only to freshen up, but also in order to avoid infections, to be ready just in case to another visit and smell like a pleasant sea freshness, and not a sweaty jock from the gym.

Hint at some kind of feedback

Well, or, in Russian speaking, ask your opinion about what happened. No, it is not necessary to bother you with a pistol at your temple with the question: "How many orgasms have you had?" Interrogations about the simulation of the latter are also strictly prohibited. But it is allowed to hug, caress and ask if you liked everything. And most importantly, listen carefully to the comments, especially if they were about the requests "Not so fast" and "Nice".

Pretend to be good

Archived the first time you have sex, when both of you are shy and uncomfortable. Do not jump out of bed as if your tail was singed like a cat. Do not start answering calls about when the stove for the fireplace will be delivered and how much Bitcoin is today. Do not turn away to the wall, as if you were offended and tortured for an hour. And just be a good boy and indulge in bliss and multiple kisses for at least ten minutes. Girls especially appreciate this. True, some fall in love later

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