Everything As It Should Be: 6 Books About Love, Happiness And Our Life

Everything As It Should Be: 6 Books About Love, Happiness And Our Life
Everything As It Should Be: 6 Books About Love, Happiness And Our Life

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It seems that the very category of "women's novels" should gradually disappear - the genre framework in literature is quickly blurring, and it is for the better. Women read science fiction, men read everyday stories, and this is great: people will finally be able to understand each other better, regardless of gender.


In this collection, the editor-in-chief of the Storytel blog, Sergey Vereskov, has collected books that contain everything that happens in life: love, happiness and unhappiness, joy and sorrow. Probably, earlier they could have been called "women's novels", but it is better to say that this is just good literature, which is pleasant to read in the evening - and to have fun.

“We Couldn't Missed One”, Agnes-Martin Lugan

Agnes-Martin Lugan is probably one of the few modern writers whose books are constantly receiving rave reviews from readers. Most likely, the secret of her success is that she can convincingly describe quite ordinary life, everyday problems, but adds to this narration a little cinematography, artistry, which sometimes we so want to see in our destiny. In the new novel, she talks about Ren, a young and successful woman who works for a PR agency. She gave birth to a son from a man who eventually went to another woman. It was the son who became the focus of all her love, and she did not want to share his reciprocal love with anyone, hiding her father from the boy. However, all the secret one day becomes clear.

"Garden", Marina Stepnova

A complex and multi-layered novel about the fate of one princely family in Russia in the 19th century. Once Princess Boryatinskaya, a cold and restrained lady, suddenly changes her life, succumbing to an unexpectedly surging passion. It is as if she looks at her husband with a new look, and gives birth to a child from him - a girl who is destined to become the cause of many scandals in a conservative society. She only does what she wants, without looking back at gossip. How will this turn out for the family and for herself? Marina Stepnova's novel is saturated with the atmosphere of classical Russian texts, although, of course, it is completely, completely different (and about something else).

Sisters Time by Carolyn Brown

We can say that Carolyn Brown is an exemplary author of family romances. And Sisters' Time is no exception. So, given: after the death of their beloved grandmother, three cousins ​​gather in a boarding house on the shore of the lake, where they spent their childhood, to discuss what to do with the inheritance. And, of course, to sort out complaints against each other, which have accumulated a lot. Each of the heroines has their own skeletons in the closet, injuries, dreams of the future. All this Brown mixes into a cocktail and serves to the reader. Unhurriedly, with sense, feeling and arrangement. An ideal choice for fans of such cozy, with a drop of sadness, stories.

The Book Life of Nina Hill by Abby Waxman

Nina Hill has several characteristics. First, she loves books, and often finds them much more interesting than people (and we understand her). Secondly, she has an anxious personality disorder, and this imposes its own restrictions on life, sometimes very unpleasant. Finally, thirdly, when her father dies, the girl suddenly discovers that she has a lot of relatives. And she doesn't really want to communicate with them, or rather, she doesn't want to at all. In addition, a nice guy drew attention to her, with whom Hill does not want to get close, and there were also problems at work. In general, a whole bunch, trouble does not come alone. She will have to deal with all these problems.

Call the Midwife by Jennifer Wharf

Without exaggeration, an amazing book that everyone should read. As the saying goes, everything is here - "life, tears, and love."The main character of the book - like the author of the book - works as a midwife in a poor area of ​​London in the 1950s. Here she encounters both the most monstrous and the most beautiful manifestations of human nature. And all this is going through, finding the strength to look to the future with optimism. Even in the middle of the saddest and most difficult days, she knows how to enjoy simple joys and not despair. This skill is worth learning.

“Talking to Friends,” Sally Rooney

At the end of the day - a book from the main author of our time, according to a young audience. The main heroine of the novel, Francis, has finally become entangled in herself and confused everyone else. She has a difficult relationship with her parents (especially with her father), a difficult relationship with her friend Bobby (with whom she performs at poetry evenings and cannot decide whether to leave her in the friend zone or bring her closer to herself), and, finally, she has a difficult relationship with Nick, a handsome married actor who is as entangled in himself as Francis. Remember, earlier in social networks the status of relations was “everything is complicated”? Now, if you try to describe Sally Rooney's novel in one phrase, then this is it.

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