I Will Not Take My Child Abroad Forever - There Is No Reason Not To Trust Me: Omsk Event Organizer

I Will Not Take My Child Abroad Forever - There Is No Reason Not To Trust Me: Omsk Event Organizer
I Will Not Take My Child Abroad Forever - There Is No Reason Not To Trust Me: Omsk Event Organizer

Video: I Will Not Take My Child Abroad Forever - There Is No Reason Not To Trust Me: Omsk Event Organizer

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Recall that recently the Omsk organizer of events and the creator of "glossy projects" Elena Dorokhina on social networks openly accused her ex-husband, the famous Omsk businessman Igor Dorokhin, that he, without good reason, banned their common 6-year-old daughter from traveling abroad. According to Elena, in this way he decided to take revenge on her, but as a result, not only she suffers, but also the child. The girl explained that now she has to seek permission to go on vacation with the child through the courts. And in fact, as Elena said, it is not at all easy - in three months it was not possible to achieve any specific decisions on her joint departure abroad with the child, on February 1, the third court hearing will take place.


The incident "NO" was commented on by Igor Dorokhin. He said that he had never been against the child's rest abroad, and a short-term departure for his daughter with his mother was always possible, but he needed the ban in order for Elena to indicate where and how long her daughter would be with her. As he explained, he decided on this because of the behavior of his ex-wife, because of which he lost confidence in her.

Earlier, she had already reacted to Igor's statements on her Instagram, where she called them slander. She also told our publication her version about the communication of her ex-husband with her daughter.

Today Elena provided "NO" with her official comment, in which she clarified the point about the possibility of a short-term departure with the child, which Igor was talking about.

“In the federal law there are no concepts of“short-term trips”and“long-term trips”at all. The ban is either there or not. The door is either open or closed. If it is closed, then you cannot go out for either 2 days or 2 months.

The ban means that the child is on the border guard's stop list. Even the person who imposed this ban cannot take it out.

There are only two ways to go abroad: either to completely lift the ban, or to obtain a court permission for a specific trip - that is, each time to sue his father, who opposes travel, for his right to travel,”Elena said.

However, the ex-husband categorically refuses to lift the ban completely, she said. According to Igor's official objection to any trips of Elena with her daughter, if the ban is lifted, he will be deprived of the right to participate in raising his daughter, as well as expressing his opinion on the advisability of the child's departure outside the Russian Federation to certain countries and at specific periods of time "(the document is at the disposal of "NO").

The document also says that Elena has never turned to Igor "with a request to issue a notarial consent to the departure of a minor child outside the Russian Federation to a specific state and specific time frame." As Elena said, the Federal Migration Service explains that no notarial permits from the father work while the ban is in effect.

The businesswoman also explained that Igor has no reason not to trust her, letting her go abroad with her child.

“As for his fears that I will take the child abroad forever, there is not a single fact confirming my intention to leave for any country. I have no connections with any country in the world except Russia. I own an apartment and a car. All social connections - family, friends and work - are also tied to Omsk. Accordingly, this statement is also unfounded. That's all for information related to the child's travel ban.

Everything else is manipulation and avoiding the essence of the claim with an attempt to shift the audience's attention to more scandalous and attention-getting things,”Elena said.

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