Is It Safe To Suppress Sexual Desire With Pills?

Is It Safe To Suppress Sexual Desire With Pills?
Is It Safe To Suppress Sexual Desire With Pills?

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Are there any remedies that temporarily and safely suppress sexual desire? Well, so as not to want any such relationship at all?


Roman S., Tver

Sexologist Yuri Romanov answers: - It is not very clear why you need this, but there are different answers to a specific question. There are hormonal antiandrogens that block testosterone production. It is the main male hormone that "conducts" sex drive. It is also found in small quantities in women, and is also responsible for their libido. When antiandrogens are taken in both men and women, attraction is completely blocked. However, these remedies can only be used in special cases and special circumstances. Like any hormonal drugs, they can introduce a subsequent dissonance in the hormonal system, which, of course, is undesirable. Libido also completely repels the state of depression, not only personal, but even seasonal - for example, autumn. And another interesting feature has libido in the overwhelming majority of women - without feelings of love, they do not experience sexual attraction.


Rumors that in the Soviet army conscripts were everywhere added bromide preparations to compote in order to suppress youthful libido, belong to the category of myths. The fact is that bromine-based drugs have a powerful sedative and sedative (sleep-inducing) effect. In addition, they tend to accumulate in the body. Such drugs were used to treat nervous patients in clinics of the 19th and early 20th centuries, causing them to feel drowsy and, as we would say now, do not care about current events. But who would need such a soldier?

HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT THIS In circumstances of isolation from society (for example, in prisons, in prison for long periods), convicts cannot have normal sexual relations. But this is not a reason to use the so-called chemical castration there, and they do not do this in any country. In addition, wives, husbands, brides and grooms have the right to request a meeting with the convicted person for a day. And one more thing: even in the terrible Middle Ages, criminals were not castrated and did not interfere with them from satisfying their sexual needs as “by myself”.

The Thunderstorm of Maniacs The principle of suppression of sexual desire with the help of hormonal agents is called chemical castration. This is how people with sexual perversions can be treated. Now, in some European countries, they are beginning to use this method by law to correct the behavior of serial sex offenders, even without their desire.

LIBIDO MONAKHINI People who have gone to a monastery for obedience or monasticism seek to suppress sexual desire in themselves with the help of a psychological attitude. But, according to the available medical observations, in the first years of such an attitude towards oneself, the libido only sharply increases. So coping with the basic instinct in this case is much more difficult than simply depriving oneself of sex "in the world" - after all, if the prohibition is violated, such people do not have remorse and feelings of guilt. And the French writer Denis Diderot told about how they suffered from a riotous libido in monasteries in his famous novel "The Nun".

I recall an incident in a monastery from an anecdote:

- Holy padre! Can a soul catch a cold? - What are you, my son, the soul is air. - But yesterday I walk past the abbot's cell and hear him say: "My soul, do not go barefoot - you will catch a cold."

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