What A Woman's Blood Type Says About Her Temperament

What A Woman's Blood Type Says About Her Temperament
What A Woman's Blood Type Says About Her Temperament

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Scientists have established a connection between temperament and character for a long time, studying hereditary and acquired characteristics of our behavior in society, including sexual relations with partners.


Esotericism insists: there is a direct connection between the blood group and the personality traits of a person. And it is clear that the character manifests itself, including in love affairs. Olga Stern, a sexologist from Moscow, claims that her blood type plays a huge role in determining a woman's sexuality.

As soon as our ancestors began to understand that the blood of different people can differ in some ways, they began to try to understand the reasons for these differences and their relationship with human behavior and temperament. Hippocrates, Michelangelo, Sigmund Freud and many other thinkers and learned minds around the world wrote about this. The explanation of such a connection in the end sounds reasonable and logical: the biological characteristics of an individual have evolved over the centuries to ensure his survival and the best adaptability to the world around him, cruel conditions and the need to reproduce his own kind. According to research results published in 2012 by a group of American scientists led by Professor Lu Qi of the Harvard University Health Institute, it is the latter reason that determines a woman's sexual activity depending on her blood type.

As a result of long research, four blood groups have been identified, the first of which is considered the oldest. This group is almost 40,000 years old, it characterizes the era when people hunted for their food, collecting edible fruits and berries. Five years of observation of a group of subjects and analysis of more than two thousand questionnaires, which were carried out by researchers John Marcus and Denny Leonhard of Columbia University Medical Center in New York, give reason to assert that women with this blood group are considered the most temperamental. Well, how else could you keep your family? Such a lady can easily become the initiator of close relationships, experiments in love pleasures, without hesitation, she will leave her partner if she cannot enjoy close communication with him. Romance is also not alien to her, she is carried away passionately, acts rapidly. And if she wanted to plunge into the abyss of passion, it is important for her that her partner is next to her at this time. Late - it's his own fault: the place may be taken. True, in a fit of jealousy, a temperamental lady can treat her partner very rudely, but it is better for him to take such actions for sexual games in order to maintain the ardor of his intimate life.

The owners of the second blood group are historical farmers and city builders, formed about 25,000 years ago. A paper titled Blood group and features of clinical manifestations was published at Duke Health Medical Center in Durham in 1973. In addition to analyzing the relationship between the blood group and the clinical manifestations of some genetic diseases, it was mentioned in this work that such activities of our ancestors required monotonous perseverance, which was reflected in the temperament of such people. A woman with a second blood group makes love with the same measured calmness with which she gives herself up to work and household chores. The main thing is thoroughness, regularity and habitual actions. Such a lady is extremely shy, does not like to be naked, will fulfill your every whim if you convince her that your life and peace of mind depend on it. And do not expect a storm of emotions from her - she just does her job well. But she will not compare you with other possible partners - she will be too lazy to turn them on.

The third blood group is just over 10,000 years old.American geneticists G. Humperding and G. Cochran, in their works of the second half of the last century, argue that climate change in those days influenced the massive resettlement of people for whom it was more important to survive in any new conditions than to satisfy their age-old habits. A woman with a third blood group is fickle, like the whims of the weather. She loves to flirt, flirt, hint and promise. But whether or not she fulfills her promises is like a card. But if he does, then with all the passion that one can imagine. Will she be true to you? Yes, as long as she wants it. Or as long as it is convenient for her. And then she will simply disappear to find another storm or a safe haven. For a while.

The fourth blood group appeared relatively recently: in 1907, the Czech doctor Jan Jansky discovered it. It is believed to be only about 2,000 years old. And it is the rarest. As well as a representative of the fair sex with such a blood group. Such a woman is like a queen. She demands all the best from her partner - ideal feelings, passionate temperament, responsible behavior. Then she will give a huge and bright range of passion in bed, inspire a man to physiological feats, and share her inexhaustible healing energy. Her libido seems to be insatiable, but such a passion does not exhaust, but heals from mental and physical ailments. The main thing is that it should be directed at the one who will be able to appreciate and preserve it. Otherwise, the queen will simply choose another king.

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