Uncle Fedor Man Or Carlson Man: What Literary Heroes Ladies Should Be Afraid Of

Uncle Fedor Man Or Carlson Man: What Literary Heroes Ladies Should Be Afraid Of
Uncle Fedor Man Or Carlson Man: What Literary Heroes Ladies Should Be Afraid Of

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Do not think that only women are carried away by literary images and try to reincarnate in them in reality. Men are also influenced by heroes close to them in spirit and, copying their behavior, they sincerely hope that one day their life will turn into a fairy tale. About the most popular among representatives

Tatiana BORISOVA, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, tells the tale of a strong half of humanity.

A man who, trying to be like the chosen image of the hero, is waiting for miracles and manna from heaven, wants to say: "So big, but you still believe in fairy tales." The most important thing is that in such an expectation, if not the whole life, then its most fruitful period, the one in which it will be, as they say, in its prime, may pass.

“It is not hard to guess which fairy-tale characters are most popular among modern men,” says Tatyana BORISOVA, Candidate of Psychological Sciences. - We hear about them from childhood in completely different parables, each of which only strengthens the belief that this, indeed, can happen. And if the ladies do not doubt the existence of the prince on a white horse and try to do something in order to meet him as soon as possible - they learn different seduction skills or invest in looking great, then men, imitating Emela or Ivanushka the fool, sit on the stove or they are waiting for the appearance of the Little Humpbacked Horse, sincerely hoping that as soon as this happens, all their problems will be solved by themselves."


Specialist comment: “Ivan himself, of course, does not think that he is a fool, and is full of faith that a holiday will come on his street too, but while he lies on the stove, indulging in dreams,” says Tatiana BORISOVA. - And since he was read Russian folk tales as a child, he knows very well that what he heard ended up with Ivan being incredibly lucky. What did he do for this? Absolutely nothing - just messing around and waiting for a freebie. It is this important occupation that a man who has become like Ivan the Fool is fond of. With this, of course, you can't cook porridge, and a lady who decides on such an alliance will have to combine the images of Pike, and the Little Humpbacked Horse, and Vasilisa the Beautiful. Laziness is not the only "merit" of Ivan the Fool. He also knows his own worth, raising it to himself to unreasonable heights. He wants to have not only wealth, but also a beautiful wife who weaves a carpet overnight, plant 40 rose bushes and disassemble sacks of grain.

The most intriguing thing in this situation is that Ivan the Fool's dreams sometimes come true - albeit not completely, but nevertheless. Either the reason is that a man very clearly forms his request to the Universe: “I want all desires to be fulfilled, a beautiful wife and half a kingdom to boot,” or because the fools are simply lucky. One way or another, he still has what he dreamed of, but now the woman falls into a trap. True, even here often not everything goes smoothly. Vasilisa the Wise, as a rule, does not need help, or she is so cunning that she knows how to motivate Ivanushka for socially useful work. Then it turns out that "they lived happily ever after," like in a fairy tale."


Specialist comment: “This kid in life is not only incapable of family exploits, he is afraid of women like fire, especially when he hears hints that it's time to formalize the relationship,” says Tatiana BORISOVA. “I’m still young and I need some care,” says Peter Pan. In fact, he is an eternal child and he will always need a nanny, so the children who may appear in the family also terrify him, because he will have to share the attention of the woman who fosters him with them.He often takes offense when everything is not the way he wants, does not hesitate to throw tantrums, because he is sure that everything should be the way he wants. Peter is not created for a family, so if everything does not suit him, he will quickly find another “mommy” and, not regretting anything, will go to her, leaving the offender. Typically, Foams are bachelors who are popular with women. They are settling well too, because maternal instincts are not alien to any lady."


Specialist comment: “We all remember his characteristics: a charming, attractive and handsome man in his prime,” recalls Tatiana BORISOVA. - He is ready to take on any business, however, there is usually no understanding of whether he will achieve the desired result. He, of course, will try to do everything possible so as not to lose his face in the dirt, but it may turn out according to the scenario "and we swayed a little on the chandelier." Carlson, as a rule, is not sure of himself, therefore, he is looking for a modest, quiet lady with the appearance of a gray mouse. In front of her, he will be able to safely expose all the rudiments of his talents, and then come what may. Marriages with the Carlsons are often strong. He never gets tired of surprising his soul mate with new abilities. By the way, one of the important points is that Carlson perfectly knows how to look after, which conquers the lady of his heart once and for all. He is, indeed, a caring man who loves his family and protects family happiness."


Specialist comment: “An independent and serious comrade, behind whom a woman should feel like behind a stone wall,” says Tatiana BORISOVA. - Unfortunately, there are much fewer such men than women who want to spend their whole life with such a fairytale hero and die in one day. Uncle Fyodor always thinks soberly, he brings what he started to the end and is ready to take responsibility for himself and for those closest to him. In difficult times, he will help and support. What else does a woman need to feel happy?"

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