Half Of All Women And Men Are Cheaters

Half Of All Women And Men Are Cheaters
Half Of All Women And Men Are Cheaters

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Approximately half of all women and men living in the world at least once went to the sexual betrayal of a partner. Scientists from Great Britain came to this conclusion after conducting a number of sociological studies, the Rosbalt news agency reported.

Cheating, being a condemned act, is nevertheless inherent in human nature. Experts said that 99% of survey participants confessed: they thought about having sex with other people without informing their wife or husband about it.

“Among women, 70% think about cheating, and most often - after a strong quarrel with a partner. Men do not hide the fact that they often think about an intimate relationship with other women, and a large percentage of their betrayals are in office affairs,”the authors of the project shared.

At the same time, they noted that not all women and men decide to implement plans for treason. But at least half of them really have at least one-time experience of sexual intercourse "on the side".

Some time ago, another case study in the country showed that marital infidelity is becoming more common as people feel an increasing need to be free from committed relationships. According to experts, the first five years of marriage are the most difficult for partners, and during this period the risk of cheating is very high.

In turn, American researchers who have studied the psychology of adultery have found that people are especially prone to commit adultery when their age approaches the round date. “People who are 29, 39 or 49 years old feel the imminent end of another life period and therefore want to try something new,” they concretized then. (READ MORE)

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