Finding Soulmate Instructor: "I Found A Husband For A 30-year-old Virgin Who Weighed 120 Kg."

Finding Soulmate Instructor: "I Found A Husband For A 30-year-old Virgin Who Weighed 120 Kg."
Finding Soulmate Instructor: "I Found A Husband For A 30-year-old Virgin Who Weighed 120 Kg."

Video: Finding Soulmate Instructor: "I Found A Husband For A 30-year-old Virgin Who Weighed 120 Kg."

Video: Finding Soulmate Instructor: "I Found A Husband For A 30-year-old Virgin Who Weighed 120 Kg."
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Anna Yakovleva asks not to call her a matchmaker. The business card reads "soulmate search instructor." She does not bring people a husband or wife on a platter, but teaches how to independently find the one or the very one. Her clients are people whose marital status in social networks sounds like "in active search", but in reality they only suffer from loneliness, sitting on the couch at home.


Previously, Anna worked as a problem-solving specialist - she consulted people on various topics and this made her living. But one of the clients turned to her with an unusual request - to help her get married. Since then, Anna has studied the rules of dating and came up with her own.

- A 30-year-old girl, weighing 120 kilograms, came to me, she is still a virgin, literally took me by the breasts, she says: "You will help me get married!" - says Anna. - She lived in Revda, and she herself is generally from the village, there is no one to look for among the drunks. I say: “Well, okay,” I gave her recommendations that I came up with just on a whim, she strictly followed them, calls in a week and says that she has five men, from whom she chooses a husband for herself. A month later, she began to build a relationship with one of them. A year later, I called her and did not recognize her voice - there was so much confidence and femininity in it. Says: "I got married, he carries me in his arms!", I think: "Lord, how much does he weigh?"

After a successful first experience, Anna began to recruit clients. At the same time, she herself was not married for a long time. To find "the one", she looked through tens of thousands of photographs of men and talked to five thousand of them. Laughs: this is a whole "population census"!

“I was the only unmarried matchmaker in Yekaterinburg for two years,” she recalls. - Clients were very surprised - how could it be. At 41, I decided that it was enough to live alone, I also need to get married. I put up an ad in the newspaper: “I am 41, I am responsible, active, cheerful, looking for a man for life,” and how many phone calls fell on me! There were 15–20–30 calls a day. Some made an offer directly by phone. I started getting to know men, looked through tens of thousands of photographs, talked to five thousand men in a month. To burn the bridges, she told her friends: “I’m getting married in a month” and understood that if I don’t do this, they will mock me for the rest of my days.

Ordinary matchmakers who bring people together complain that communication is often limited to one date. Girls and guys do not know how to behave in private and do not meet again. But Anna claims that on her first date, people are already making marriage proposals to each other and agreeing on a wedding.

- After all, we have never been trained professionally to find a wife or husband, so people live "at random", believing that they will come by themselves. But it comes by itself only you know what, - she says.

- How do you get to know a man?

- I have ten safe ways to meet. For example, you can come up on the street and ask to open a bottle of water. I usually say: "Man, I really need your muscles now, help me, please," Someday we will be useful to each other, dictate the number. " They usually dictate first, and then ask: “Why?”. I have 70 dating sites, only one of them is dating sites, and besides them - parks, clubs, meetings of board game lovers, concerts and so on. The idea is that it only takes one minute to come up and get a phone number, the courage is just enough for that. At the first meeting, you cannot talk, ask questions about important topics - this is done at home according to the list.

- Are there any specific questions too?

- Yes. I give out five topics of conversation that help to reveal the depth of a person. These are questions that need to be discussed over the phone or in correspondence in order to immediately weed out unnecessary ones. When meeting for the first time, everyone looks first at the body - the girls have elastic ass, pumped up breasts, plump lips, the guys have beautiful muscles Outwardly, this is all, of course, attractive, but when you start building relationships, all the disadvantages come out. Anna insists that it is impossible to meet right away and “take the bull by the horns”, you need to build communication along a gradient: first, correspondence, then calls, video on Skype, only then meet live.

- Most often people who are in their 30s and 35s turn to me, who have already suffered, broke out, stayed with children from past relationships, divorces, betrayals. Or those who have been alone for a long time. They have lost the habit of communicating, it is scary for them to start searching again. I myself personally talked on the phone with men only on a piece of paper, I was shaking with fear, I was sweating, I was sausage. And now it is already easy for me to meet any person on the street.

- Do you get paid in advance or after the fact, when they find a man or a woman?

- In advance. They pay for the tools, not for the man or woman. I will train them so that they can meet any star on the street.

- How much does it cost?

- I now approach everyone individually, but not less than 150 thousand. But I have cheaper information products and an e-book that has all of my tools. I am still finishing the print edition.

- There was no such thing that they demanded money back from you when they could not find a pair?

- No, no, not once. I have a very good contract. It says that I give tools that work. People check and see that they really work. And on the part of the client there is a promise that he will fulfill them - to act, to get acquainted. I had two, a girl and a boy, who galloped along the tops and hurried. I told them that it’s too early to meet, we need to get to know each other better, there should be no sex yet, but they didn’t listen to me, they got married, and then a divorce. The girl, of course, is already preparing for the wedding again, since we worked on the mistakes with her. The guy has just started looking again. When you don’t spend a lot of time on courtship and romance, you don’t grow very close to a person.

- And on what date is sex possible?

- Based on surveys of happy married couples, I found out that after 1-3 months of communication. But there are people who have sex on the first date, and there are those who live without it for years. There are no clear boundaries here.

One of the techniques that Anna uses is to prescribe what kind of man or what kind of woman you need, find a photo of a similar person on the Internet and go out into the street to get acquainted.

“Once we went with a client to get to know men like that,” she recalls. - She brought a photo from the Internet of such a prominent man with a beard … So, I have never seen so many bearded men in St. Petersburg! And in one place we saw a guy so similar to the photo that she was speechless. Even the clothes were the same.

Another way is to write on the glass of the car “Looking for a man for life” or “Looking for a wife” and your phone number. According to Anna, it is very effective in traffic jams - everyone honks, smiles, waving their hands.

“From the search for a man for life, many create hemorrhoids and a problem, and my goal is to turn it into a game so that they laugh more and enjoy themselves,” says Anna. - When a person reaches the point where he can refuse a star, then getting to know each other becomes generally elementary.

Once, Anna even tried, according to her method, to find a girl for her son. True, the matter was not brought to the end - the son said that he was not up to it now. But the experiment turned out to be interesting.

- My son and I walked along Lenin Avenue, met the girls. They were shocked: “Are you his mother? And you get to know each other like that? ", And we say:" Well, yes, and what is it? " We generally have friendly relations with our son, we know everything about each other, - says Anna.

Over the past three months, three clients have used the services of an instructor to find a soul mate, a week later they already have men with whom they have built relationships by phone and correspondence, and three weeks later they have already sent Anna photographs of their rings on their fingers. True, she does not take everyone, but only those who are really ready to follow her advice and actively look for a future husband or wife.

Now Anna is writing a book about a happy family life. She is looking for heroes - couples who have long and happily lived in an official marriage and are ready to share successful techniques for creating a strong family. If you want to participate in this project, write to her at [email protected].

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