Sexologists: The COVID-19 Pandemic "threw" Spouses Into Different Bedrooms

Sexologists: The COVID-19 Pandemic "threw" Spouses Into Different Bedrooms
Sexologists: The COVID-19 Pandemic "threw" Spouses Into Different Bedrooms

Video: Sexologists: The COVID-19 Pandemic "threw" Spouses Into Different Bedrooms

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Recently, more and more often, spouses start sleeping separately - in different rooms, for example. They want to provide each other with personal space and also keep passion in the relationship. But according to psychologist-sexologist Anna Koteneva, the situation is different.

Her experience shows that citizens, on the contrary, begin to notice problems not only with sexual attraction, but also with simple communication with such separation in the family. If earlier difficulties with libido in a couple began in adulthood, now the phenomenon is "younger": with such requests they begin to turn to specialists from the age of 28, writes "Ridus".

In addition, according to experts, separate sleep is a consequence of a new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) pandemic.

Now they are talking about this so actively, in my opinion, because people unconsciously tend to keep their distance from each other. People are frightened by the situation of uncertainty caused by the pandemic in which we have been living for a year. She made us interact with each other in a slightly different way. So partner interaction also began to change, - said Koteneva.

Separate bedrooms of spouses are popular in Asia, from where fashion migrated to the Russian Federation. But, according to the sexologist, Russia has its own characteristics, and they must be taken into account. In the East and in the southern states, due to the hot climate, they are used to keeping their distance. Russians get cold in winter with central heating. Also, with age, people begin to have various diseases, hormonal levels change. Then it might be better to disperse to different rooms.

Russia still holds the palm in the world in terms of divorce rates - up to 60% of all concluded marriages end in them. The main reasons for the crisis in the institution of the family are the feminization of women and the too light attitude towards the marriage union of representatives of both sexes, experts say. At the same time, the number of divorces increases in the autumn-winter period, according to Rosstat data. Psychologists confirm this trend: many decide to dissolve the union when it is cold and damp outside.

Earlier reported that residents of the Russian Federation have recently become less likely to impulsively marry for love at first sight, says family psychologist and consultant Natalya Panfilova. She also added that the average age of formalizing a relationship has risen to 30 years. And situations when women get married after 30 cease to be something rare and unusual.

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