The Psychologist Called The Flip Side Of A Relationship Without Sex

The Psychologist Called The Flip Side Of A Relationship Without Sex
The Psychologist Called The Flip Side Of A Relationship Without Sex

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With the development of technology, people have the opportunity to communicate remotely - not to look for time to meet and always be in touch with the interlocutor. Quite a common practice when a person has a pen pal. But is it possible to build a distance relationship in which there is no tactile contact? Psychologist Elena Shmatova tells about the pitfalls of such interaction between partners.


“All women and the vast majority of men have tried this form of dating and relationships, including friends, colleagues and clients. There are record holders - 16 years of distant love, who have never met or let each other go for other relationships,”says the psychologist.

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But in many ways, a person's expectations may not be justified. Moreover, the remote partner may well be bound by the knot. It is much more difficult to verify this information through communication on the Internet.

Another pitfall is that the beloved may be in prison.

“It can also be a young man, and not one, under one name, from places“not so distant”. There is Internet in prisons, and there men are romantic, with a lot of beautiful and pleasant words, but rarely admit who they are and when a meeting is possible,”Shmatova emphasizes.

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Girls run the risk of stumbling across the Web on the gigolo, who by all means will pull money out of the "victim".

“These may be seekers of easy money and a pitiful simpleton who will rush to send the last money, after learning that the“remote beloved”is being pursued by the mafia, he broke his leg and got into the police, and in order to survive and love her, he urgently needs € 500,” - says the specialist.

In addition, a gullible girl can fall into the hands of an extremist. Such a recruiter can be attractive, rich and with a set of the right phrases to brainwash.

But, it is likely that a girl will meet on the Internet with an adequate young man who simply does not have enough courage or time to meet in real life.

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There are other nuances associated with the psychological perception of the situation.

“In messages, a person receives only text and comes up with an emotion for him. As a result, the correspondence goes on with its own illusion. Like in the movie "The Great Gatsby", when the main character lives his fantasy of love for many years, and having met, he receives frivolity and coldness on the part of his beloved. His story ended very tragically,”said the psychologist.

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Unfortunately, after a seemingly emotional correspondence, a person may face disappointment when meeting a potential lover in reality. In order to avoid such a situation, the psychologist advises to communicate as much as possible using audio messages and video communication. Subsequently, it is still better to transfer the relationship to offline mode.

“You cannot deny distant love. It has become the norm, like distance learning, work. Communication with society is of equal importance, both live and offline. This is a given of the times, and now it provides health safety. It cannot be denied, but it is also by no means impossible to stay in it for a long time - live communication, hugs, kisses, nothing can replace,”the psychologist summed up.

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