Personal Experience: "Nothing Beats Having Sex In A Hotel"

Personal Experience: "Nothing Beats Having Sex In A Hotel"
Personal Experience: "Nothing Beats Having Sex In A Hotel"

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Many couples, going on vacation, rent an apartment instead of a hotel - supposedly this way is cheaper. Maybe. But I will never give up the opportunity to live in a hotel room with my beloved man, because nothing beats having sex in a hotel.

My husband and I are fans of role-playing games. Therefore, once in a hotel, we often act out a scene as if I were a call girl. We arrive at the room after midnight, I put on my most vulgar underwear, stockings, stilettos and leave the room. Usually at this time everyone is already asleep, so it's almost impossible to run into a bigot. Then, in this form, I knock on my husband's room, we exchange a couple of phrases from porn films, and then we have dirty sex, during which we are not ashamed of anything. I don’t know how it works, but we don’t get anything like that at home, but in hotels it’s always.

On top of that, everywhere we stayed there were amazingly solid beds. I love the riding position, but sometimes I get so energetic that the bed can't stand it. In hotels, they are unkillable.

And finally, advice to everyone: after staying overnight in a hotel, arrange for yourself the most banal romantic. Order champagne and fruit in your room, undress and caress each other while sipping a drink. At the same time, try not to switch to intercourse until the bottle is completely finished: talk, gently kiss each other, iron. Believe me, as soon as the champagne is over, you will pounce on each other like wild animals. And it will be unforgettable.


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