70 Years Together: A Spouse From The Kaliningrad Region Celebrated A "blessed" Wedding

70 Years Together: A Spouse From The Kaliningrad Region Celebrated A "blessed" Wedding
70 Years Together: A Spouse From The Kaliningrad Region Celebrated A "blessed" Wedding

Video: 70 Years Together: A Spouse From The Kaliningrad Region Celebrated A "blessed" Wedding

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Get to know more children and live together until 90 years old. Is that possible. In the Guryevsky district, the Spiridonov family celebrated the 70th anniversary of their marriage. The spouses raised four children, eight grandchildren and, by personal example, showed what a strong family is - to ten great-grandchildren.


Irina Aksyonova, correspondent:

- You don't need to be a superhero to accomplish a feat. To love a person and remain faithful to him for 70 years is already a worthy achievement.

The Spiridonovs have been together all their lives. As children, they lived next door. Love tied their hearts at a difficult time - Nikolai went to the front. The guy was then only 17 years old.

Nadezhda and Nikolai Spiridonov, anniversaries:

- I am a participant in the assault on Koenigsberg and served in the city of Sovetsk.

- I waited for him for three years, in three years he came three times. We lived well. We went through the war, God forbid anyone. All of you young people, I don’t know how to even tell you not to.

The Spiridonovs' family is large and friendly. Four children, eight grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. Just three months ago, baby Adeline was born.

Andrey and Natalya Kuimov, grandchildren of the heroes of the day:

- They have the next stage - they want to see how they start to walk. When they start walking, they will dream that they will learn to speak. Therefore, in principle, we extend life for them.

In the Guryevsky district, the couple have been living for more than 60 years in the village of Morgunovo.

Sergey Podolsky, head of the administration of the Guryev urban district

- When I stop by Nikolai Semyonovich's once again to visit, he is like a Russian man wide pants, a braid, he mows the grass! Everyone would treat life like him!

The 70th anniversary of marriage is a rare event for our region. This is the only case this year. According to Russian tradition, such a wedding is called a blessed one.

Alexey Rodin, Chief of Staff of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region

- You are an example of pride not only for the citizens of the Kaliningrad region, but for the whole of Russia. Thank you for being there. Long time to live. And see you at the crown wedding - 75 years old, see you!

In honor of the heroes of the day - flowers and gifts. For the mood - songs and dances. Age is not a hindrance to start dancing. In their 90s, Nadezhda and Nikolai are cheerful and cheerful.

Nadezhda Kostikova, Director of the Civil Registry Office of the Kaliningrad Region

- They went up to the second floor, imagine, at this age it is very difficult! But nonetheless. This is how much power they have and, I think, it inspires them that so much attention is paid to them. So many relatives and friends.

Even years later, lovers continue to treat each other tenderly.

Nadezhda and Nikolai Spiridonov, anniversaries

- We loved and forgave each other. What does not happen in life. Anything can happen. After all, to live 70 years is not a field to go through.

The heroes shared this simple but important secret with young couples who have their whole lives ahead of them.

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