High Security Wedding: Why Northerners Need Love Behind Barbed Wire

High Security Wedding: Why Northerners Need Love Behind Barbed Wire
High Security Wedding: Why Northerners Need Love Behind Barbed Wire

Video: High Security Wedding: Why Northerners Need Love Behind Barbed Wire

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Colonial marriages are not uncommon, women are not afraid of either long terms or articles according to which their lovers are convicted. Those serving sentences find their second half either by correspondence, or else in the wild. Journalists from 29.ru attended high-security weddings in correctional colony 1 on Piers.


It contains those who have been behind a thorn not for the first time, people with "experience." Despite the isolation, they find a pair quite easily. Alexey and Olga (the names of the couple were changed at their request) know nothing at all, but already in the second month of communication by correspondence, the young man proposed to the girl. An already married northerner said yes. In the registry office, where the future wife took the application, they gave a month to "think", the couple did not change their decision in 30 days. They were painted. True, there was no white dress, rings and guests.

New wives will take certificates

- Basically, this is the formalization of documents, people just put their signatures. The certificate is given to the bride, if the couple wishes, they exchange rings, but they still have to be removed later, '' says Kristina Kremenyuk, leading expert-expert of the Arkhangelsk territorial department of the registry office. - But for people it is a holiday! Today we have three marriages in one day, sometimes 4-5. We schedule in the colonies on Thursdays, in the morning, almost every Thursday is busy.

Another couple - Anna and Valery - have known each other for a long time, from the outside, they have been together for more than a year. Until the end of the sentence, the convict is a year and nine months old, here he is for grave bodily. The story of Lyubov Yusupova immediately comes to mind, whom her lover, ex-convict IK-1 Kirill, severely beat. Anna, who also remembers this story, is not afraid of anything:

- We met through your sister, why didn't you get married in the wild? I don’t know, somehow it happened. I'm not scared that the article is such, a good person, I will wait, - says the spouse.

After the painting, the newlyweds will have a long date - the opportunity to spend three whole days together

“I love her,” says Valery, and grows gloomy at the mention of the story of Lyubov and Kirill: “Purely my opinion, for such a life it is necessary”.

It is difficult to predict how the life of new families will turn out; it will take a long time before liberation. But now people are having a holiday. Brides, colony staff say, are the most disciplined visitors:

- Happy people come, wait, worry, they even wear wedding dresses. They bring everything you need for a long date. I have been working for a long time, but I don’t remember what was forbidden, alcohol, for example. And cakes - yes, and today too, - laughs the junior inspector of the supervision group of the security department of IK-1 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Arkhangelsk Region of Russia Maria Pavlova.

Lattices, warning signs - it's all etched into memory

Room cost per day - 700 rubles

There is also a nursery here - many girls come with children

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