What Attracts Us To Men In Reality

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What Attracts Us To Men In Reality
What Attracts Us To Men In Reality

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WomanHit.ru will tell you exactly what the fair half pays attention to


It's no secret that a man chooses a woman that he likes outwardly. After that, he begins to gradually recognize her character, interests, habits, and eventually falls in love. With women, things are a little more complicated. Almost every girl has a list of masculine qualities that she will look for in a potential companion. What qualities are women looking for most often? Let's try to figure it out.

Attention and care

Probably in the first place for every woman is the ability to understand and care. A man who is ready for deeds for the sake of his beloved woman, even if he can buy her coffee in rainy weather, will captivate the heart of almost any woman. However, many men are brought up in conditions of sufficient severity, where it is not customary to express emotions, therefore, such men believe that a woman should already guess about their feelings herself, but in real life this does not work. A woman will give preference to someone who can provide mental comfort and does not find it shameful to constantly express feelings.

Sense of humor

It is difficult for any person to survive in our difficult society without a sense of humor, but when it comes to the masculine approach to women, the latter, as a rule, give preference to men who know how to joke subtly and attract with their positive attitude. If there is a choice, a cute humorist would rather conquer a woman than a dull beech.


Many men believe that women are attracted solely by income and position in society. Of course, there are such representatives, but for an ordinary woman, the desire of a man to achieve his goal is much more important: for building a life together, confidence and perseverance are almost in the first place, so for a woman this quality can become defining. However, one should not confuse obsession with adequate perseverance, which is so often overconfident guys sin.


Not only men look at gorgeous hair and female forms; for the fair half, the appearance of a potential partner plays an important role. Nevertheless, there is a slight discrepancy: a woman does not need a man to be dressed "with a needle", just neat and keep himself in shape, while men dream of incredible girls who can be bragged to friends.


Emotional, she seeks the same response from her partner. Therefore, it is so important to compliment without reason, and not to be discouraged in bed. The most important thing is not to allow the "cold" in the relationship. So do not ignore romantic dates and bright nights - the woman will not let you go anywhere.

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