Women's Slap In The Face: What Is She Talking About

Women's Slap In The Face: What Is She Talking About
Women's Slap In The Face: What Is She Talking About

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A slap in the face of a man from a woman is a very rare phenomenon today. But if this happens, then there are good reasons for this. What a slap in the face means depends only on who this woman is to this man.


Sweetheart response

Domestic psychologists argue that any sane Russian woman, before slapping a man, will think and calculate the situation properly. This kind of influence on the representative of the stronger sex in a country that has patriarchal-conservative foundations regarding family and marriage in most of its territory can only be if the lady is sure of the man's adequate response and she fails to call him to account in any other way. And also, if this person is her beloved, but, obviously, he greatly offended or deceived her. In such cases, the reaction of a man to a slap in the face from a woman will be correct, but, again, based on the situation. For example, a man is definitely guilty, which means that a slap in the face will make him sincerely apologize. When it comes to treason, then either he will feel deeper guilt, or a slap in the face will be the starting point for the final break. But in any of all the above options, a slap in the face will indicate that the woman still loves this person and her feelings are hot and sincere.

The element of influence on the henpecked

However, it is different in the family. Experts from the Far Eastern Association of Systemic Family Psychologists give examples when a man in marriage initially takes the position of a weak one. Then the woman dominates in the relationship and she achieves her goals, including with the help of slaps. At such moments, a man will feel ashamed and try to more accurately fulfill the desires, and most likely, the instructions of his wife. However, such a "pseudo-feminine" means of influencing the henpecked in the form of a permanent element of the relationship is likely to lead to a reverse reaction. Gradually, a man will get used to slaps and stop responding to them properly, or even think about leaving a family in which he is not loved and appreciated. Indeed, in such a situation, a slap in the face can only mean that a woman considers her man incapable of independent thoughts and actions, and at the same time weak-willed so that only physical influence can push him to the results she needs.

Aggressive response to male rudeness

Unfortunately, actions of an undesirable nature in relation to women, implying intimate harassment or hints of sexual content, now referred to as harassment, occur quite often in modern Russian society. In theory, they imply legal protection and a woman should be protected from such attacks, but in practice, not only verbal threats, but even real rape rarely receive legal punishment. In one of the issues of the journal "Medical Psychology in Russia" it is said that psychological harassment of women in the workplace, persuading them to have sexual intercourse, occurs in large multinational corporations, domestic commercial and non-profit, government and private organizations, and in case of refusal it very often ends with their dismissal. But, in addition to verbal rebuff, a confident woman sometimes slaps a boor in the face and usually this happens after some physical harassment in relation to her body. This happens quite often and a woman gives a slap in the face impulsively, in a state of passion, sometimes even later regretting what happened. But the male reaction to such actions is far from straightforward.A ham can strike back, take revenge in any other way, or feel respect for a strong woman and no longer test her character for strength.

The beginning of an office romance

There is another version of a slap in the face, which psychologists interpret as unambiguously indicative of harassment, but this time against a representative of the stronger sex. This happens when a man-subordinate for any, even purely official offense, receives from a woman-boss by no means verbal or written scolding. Such a slap in the face should be interpreted in a similar way, as the movie hero Anatoly Novoseltsev from the feature film "Office Romance" directed by Eldar Ryazanov: "If you make a decanter, then you really are me." A slap in the face of a man from a female boss is, first of all, a sign of sexual interest, and here it is the employee's personal business how to respond to such an “invitation”. In Russia, which has, in most of its territory, patriarchal-conservative ideas about intimate and everyday relationships between partners, a man always has more rights and fewer responsibilities than a woman. And an office romance can often only be for his good.

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