A Single Mother Found Love Almost According To The Script Of The Cult Film "Irony Of Fate Or Enjoy Your Bath!"

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A Single Mother Found Love Almost According To The Script Of The Cult Film "Irony Of Fate Or Enjoy Your Bath!"
A Single Mother Found Love Almost According To The Script Of The Cult Film "Irony Of Fate Or Enjoy Your Bath!"

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There is no need to retell the plot of this wonderful film by Eldar Ryazanov, because the film is traditionally shown on TV on the eve of the New Year. And thousands of single women, knowing the plot of a touching comedy by heart, secretly hope for such an unexpected turn in their personal lives, which will also give them a meeting with their Zhenya Lukashin.

Surprisingly, such cases do happen in real life. The news agency "Express-Novosti" is in a hurry to share one such New Year story with readers.

Forced circumstances

Elena gave birth to a child late in the day, at 33 years old. She had no luck with men, but the clock was ticking, and, upon learning of an accidental pregnancy, the woman decided to keep her, despite the fact that her partner had abandoned her.

Lena needed to earn money, so she entrusted her one-year-old son to her retired mother who lived in a small town. And she herself returned to the metropolis, where she had a highly paid position. The women agreed that the boy would live with his grandmother until he was three years old. Elena, on the other hand, will come to them for the weekend, fortunately, the cities were relatively close - two hours away by regular bus.

On one of these visits to her hometown, Elena met a sedate man. He was unsightly and much older than her, but he seemed reliable to the woman. For about six months, the guest marriage lasted: either Anatoly got out to Lena, then she found time to meet with him. It was decided to celebrate the coming New Year together.

Elena promised that she would try to quickly complete a large project at work so that she could come to Anatoly on the evening of December 31.

The single mother hoped that it was on New Year's that her partner would propose to her. For the sake of creating a full-fledged family, Elena was ready to quit a prestigious job and move to the province, especially since her mother lived there, who could help her with raising her son.

What's unlucky

A few days before the New Year, Lena bought a bus ticket. She bought gifts for her relatives in advance: a bunch of toys for the baby, expensive champagne for the mother, and a razor of the latest model for Anatoly. But on December 31, the demanding boss thrashed the entire team for mistakes in work and ordered no one to disperse until the end of the working day.

No matter how Lena begged the strict director, he did not allow her to leave work earlier. Calling the bus station, the woman found out that it would be impossible to change tickets, they were all sold out. She rushed to call the taxi services, but everywhere they insisted that on New Year's Eve no one would take a long-distance trip.

The woman burst into tears in despair, realizing that all her plans were crumbling, and she would have to celebrate the New Year in splendid isolation, far from her beloved son and potential husband.

Suddenly, Lena's colleague - Vsevolod - offered to take her to her hometown in his car. “True, it is a little flaky, but here the distance is only 200 kilometers, we will finish it in an instant,” Seva reassured the woman. As soon as the clock showed six in the evening, she rushed home to grab the presents and wait for Vsevolod to pick her up.

The hard road to happiness

At about eight o'clock in the evening, the young people set out. The road turned out to be very snowy, because of which wild traffic jams were constantly formed. Seva, seeing the upset face of a colleague, decided to take a detour, which should have shortened the travel time.

Lena was noticeably nervous, and Vsevolod tried in every possible way to distract her, pouring jokes and funny stories. Elena listened to him with half an ear, trying to get through to her family to explain the situation. But here, too, the law of meanness began to work.

We managed to get in touch with the mother, and she reassured her daughter, they say, the boy was already asleep, it's okay if you come in the morning.

But the conversation with Anatoly clearly did not ask. The connection was constantly cut off, the woman did not really have time to say anything.

And soon another shock awaited Lena. Halfway through, the car's engine rumbled strangely and fell silent, the old Opel stood rooted to the spot in the middle of an empty and dark road. And then the ringing silence was cut by the sound of an SMS from Anatoly: “I called your work and found out with whom and how you are having fun. I don’t need the twirls. Do not call or write ever."

Everything that is done

The woman had no choice but to get the razor from the packages, which she wanted to give to Anatoly, and put the box in front of Seva. “Here, I’ll thank you somehow for the wasted time,” she said sadly. And Vsevolod, laughing, handed her a package of expensive perfume.

It turned out that a girl, whom he had met shortly before the New Year, was waiting for him at home. Lena did not notice for her feelings that Seva was also unsuccessfully trying to explain to someone while they were overcoming traffic jams and snowdrifts on the highway.

Hearing on the radio that in five minutes the chimes would strike midnight, Elena took out her mother's champagne, and Seva deftly uncorked the bottle. The young people met the New Year alone with each other in the open sky strewn with stars.

They managed to get out of the snow-road captivity only in the morning, when a long-range truck passed by.

Five years have passed since then. All these years, Lena has been insanely happy with her cheerful and kind husband - Seva.

Elena took her little son to her place a long time ago, and he simply adores his perky "dad". The woman's mother is also pleased. It was about such a son-in-law as Vsevolod that she always dreamed of.

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