What The First Ladies Bodybuilders Looked Like

What The First Ladies Bodybuilders Looked Like
What The First Ladies Bodybuilders Looked Like

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One of the significant events of the early twentieth century was the departure of women from the image of fragile and weak creatures. Many ladies, inspired by the image of athletes, decided to fight the stereotype that women should only cook, raise children and go to church, and reincarnate in strong independent personalities. Although the very idea of ​​combining strength and beauty in a woman attracted interest for its revolutionary nature, women bodybuilders were extremely rarely delighted.


Wonder women of the last century

1. Charlotte Perkins Gilmar.

Charlotte is one of the first ladies to choose strength training over embroidery. By her example, she showed that all housewives can be strong. Her desire to combine aristocracy and femininity with physical strength can be called a great merit of the girl.

2. Katie Brumbach.

The daughter of circus strongmen, she began to show interest in lifting weights in early childhood. Over the years, "Lady Hercules" began performing, and soon became the most powerful woman in the world. Although her height was far from small, this girl found herself a spouse with whom she lived all her life. They have performed for several years with a number in which Katie raises her husband above his head. And even after repeating it in old age, the couple got a storm of applause.

3. Keith Williams."

As a young girl, she ran away from her strict father to her beloved, a circus artist, and married him. Soon the couple began performing with power numbers under the pseudonyms "Atlas and Vulcan". Promoting a healthy lifestyle, she urged women all her life to give up unnecessary corsets and regularly go in for sports.

4. Lavery Vali.

Lady "Charmion" became a famous gymnast at an early age. As an adult girl, she decided to perform with a striptease number and was right. The beauty of a strong body was the hallmark of an unusual artist. Since the girl's performances were always on the verge of what was permissible, she was often criticized. It was Lavery who became the first woman to gracefully demonstrate the muscles of her almost naked body.

5. Mildred Burke.

When she accidentally got to the performance of the strong men with her fiancé, this girl realized that her world had completely turned upside down. Mildred gave up the desire to be an ideal wife and became interested in wrestling. In the wrestling section, she showed the best results. In her entire career, she lost only one fight out of two hundred.

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