Psychotherapist: In Quarantine You Need To Dress In Clothes Of Happiness

Psychotherapist: In Quarantine You Need To Dress In Clothes Of Happiness
Psychotherapist: In Quarantine You Need To Dress In Clothes Of Happiness

Video: Psychotherapist: In Quarantine You Need To Dress In Clothes Of Happiness

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The Department of Psychotherapy and Sexology of the All-Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education, Viktor Makarov, commented on the words of Oksana Pushkina, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children, that with the introduction of quarantine, the number of complaints about bullying of women and the elderly increased.

According to him, elderly family members are the least protected, most vulnerable, their psyche is the most unstable and therefore they get the most in self-isolation due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

"When there is stability in the family, the elderly are more comfortable. The elderly need stability and confidence in the future," the expert said in an interview with Gazeta.Ru.

He also recalled that the Chinese consider divorce to be the most serious problem caused by the self-isolation of families in quarantine.

"The quarantine scenario is as follows: first, sales of contraceptives and potency-enhancing drugs grow in a certain locality, and then the number of divorces grows. Despite the fact that in Russia, the number of divorces is already enormous - about 60% in the first five years of joint Although the family's possibilities are very broad and capable of satisfying the desires of each of its members, "the specialist explained.

According to the expert, the corresponding culture in families has not yet been formed in Russia, people are extremely patriarchal. In our country, as Makarov emphasized, a very tough family model inherited by the Russians from the founders of the Christian religion, and expressed regret that this model continues to exist.

He also recalled the paradox: a man gets more benefits from creating a family, but a woman still has a stronger desire to live in marriage.

“Families hold on to the fact that its members communicate little with each other - on average 15 minutes a day. And in conditions of quarantine, women begin to give vent to emotions, which leads to scandals. Then the wives leave, and the men remember all the words. our country, with its bad climate, authority of power and other things, is generally less suitable for women, "the specialist pointed out.

As Makarov explained, the goals of creating a family are to eliminate the fear of loneliness, to try to become immortal (through their children), to have intimacy and find love, which, according to the expert, people pay too much attention to, since the extinction of love leads to frustration in the family.

"Family members need to replenish the joint bank of happiness, plan to live together positive emotions. Now, in self-isolation, we can plan trips, a good evening at a restaurant that will open after quarantine. You also need to return to the happy times in the past, I call it:" dress in clothes happiness ", - summed up the interlocutor of Gazeta.Ru.

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