Star "Happy Together" Showed A Tanned Body In

Star "Happy Together" Showed A Tanned Body In
Star "Happy Together" Showed A Tanned Body In

Video: Star "Happy Together" Showed A Tanned Body In

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Daria Sagalova can give the heat no less than her serial heroines!


Everyone remembers one of the brightest sex symbols of the 2000s - Sveta Bukin from Happy Together, and few doubt that Dasha Sagalova, who played her, is no less hot. True, in the account of the star, there are more and more family photos with her daughter and husband, or "live reports" from the sets. But the actress who went on vacation decided to please the subscribers and showed her perfect body in a pink micro-bathing suit.

Under a hot photo, Daria decided to reflect on selfishness:

“To live the way you want is not selfishness. Selfishness is when others have to think and live the way you want Oscar Wilde. What do you think? And how do you live? ", - wrote the star.

True, the fans paid more attention to the picture. And they did not regret compliments for the tanned Daria:

“Sexual tenderness”, “Dasha, you are fire!”, “I think that I would ride a bicycle with this 20-year-old Dasha”, “Gorgeous photo”.

Recall that the sultry blonde is now 32 years old. In the spring, the star returned to the screens again - on the STS TV channel, the TV series "Awesome Crew" was released, in which Daria Sagalova played one of the main roles. The actress admitted that this is her first project in four years, because she did not want to combine work and family: Daria and her husband, policeman Konstantin Maslennikov, are raising their daughter Lisa.

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