Do You Need Music For Sex

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Do You Need Music For Sex
Do You Need Music For Sex

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Melodious overflows or hard rock? It turns out that music can influence the arousal process no worse than special stimulants.


Music accompanies us in different life situations, and sex is no exception. In their youth, lovers turn the speakers at full capacity so that neither parents nor neighbors are interested in suspicious activity from the room. With age, quantity is replaced by quality: we want not only to get pleasure quickly, but to stretch the process itself, so we begin to create an intimate atmosphere already from the doorstep of the apartment. Fragrant candles, dim lights and, of course, sound accompaniment are used. But have you ever wondered what music should be? It turns out that music is capable of influencing the process of arousal no worse than special stimulants. Let's see what motives contribute to arousal and seduction.

Naturally, each person has their own preferences, and it is impossible to come to a common denominator, we can only give you ideas. However, the fact that this or that composition suits each person is explained by the fact that we all have our own inner rhythm. Well, if you meet a partner with the same rhythm as yours, then the choice of music will be much easier.

Several recommendations

If you want to completely immerse yourself in the process, choose compositions in a language you don't know so as not to listen attentively, thereby distracting.

Be sure to consider the tastes of your partner: how can he relax if you are a fan of Marilyn Manson to the marrow of your bones, and your half does not perceive anything but an easy pop.

Lovers of gentle sex will definitely not appreciate the sound at full power. And the neighbors too.


The genre is suitable only for true connoisseurs. In other cases, classical music is not the best accompaniment for such a process. According to statistics, if a couple chooses the classics, it is, as a rule, Stravinsky, Wagner and Beethoven. Moreover, Wagner is chosen by more active couples, it is difficult to relax to his music, so take her choice seriously.

Calm individuals who prefer leisurely sex, Beethoven is ideal, and you can turn on his music even during a romantic dinner and then smoothly move on to its end.

Pop music

In the case of pop music, everything is not so simple: new names appear every day, so it is difficult to name even a few performers whose music will become a suitable intimate background. Just include a selection of the best popular songs - and off you go. However, most couples prefer Mylene Farmer and Vanessa Paradis to French women. A dozen years ago, Tarkan enjoyed popularity among the representatives of the genre with its Turkish rhythms, which are very suitable for an intimate evening somewhere in a seaside resort.

Music for different occasions

First time

For such a crucial moment, it is better to choose familiar music that relaxes you in everyday life, experiments are undesirable. Still, the mood is important here, and aggressive music can completely "kill" him.

Casual sex

It's not up to the choice of rhythm. If sex is spontaneous, what can we say about musical accompaniment. Include whatever is at hand: most likely, it will be a radio station with modern hits.

Extreme sex

Sex with all kinds of devices - whips, handcuffs, toys. Choose appropriate music that is the perfect backdrop for debauchery, thrill, and possibly perversion. Heavy metal and alternative are perfect for these purposes. The same Marilyn Manson.

Quick sex

Early morning. It's time for you to get ready for work, but your partner is more persistent than ever. Your solution is compositions with a fast rhythm.Ideal performers: Aerosmith, Scorpions, The Prodigy. This kind of music speeds up the heart rate and increases the level of mental activity.

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