This Is How It Happens: The Star Of "House-2" Left The Bride For A Few

This Is How It Happens: The Star Of "House-2" Left The Bride For A Few
This Is How It Happens: The Star Of "House-2" Left The Bride For A Few

Video: This Is How It Happens: The Star Of "House-2" Left The Bride For A Few

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the star of "House-2" left the bride a few days before the wedding.


On "House-2" not only love is built, but hearts are also broken. Just three weeks ago, fans of the project were happy for Yulia Efremenkova, whom her boyfriend Sergei Kucherov proposed to her. It seems that everything was like in a fairy tale - wonderful Seychelles, a huge soft bear and a gorgeous bouquet of roses.

"Hooray! My beloved proposed to me. At Dom-2 we met each other, in the Seychelles we became a couple, so I am very grateful to you that it was done that way. Once again I am convinced that when a man wants, he does it without further ado! Thank you, my dear, for such a surprise. Thanks to the entire film crew, you were able to keep it a secret, although everyone knew. Dreams come true at Dom-2! “I want to tell you again, I love you very much, kitty,” wrote the happy Julia on her Instagram.

Publication from Julia Efremenkova (@efremenkovvva)

13 Apr 2018 at 2:33 PDT

But the tale did not last long - after three weeks of happiness, the couple broke up.

“I want to write what I feel, but even a book will not be enough, so I’ll try briefly. Many have watched our relationship on the other side of the screen, and there are people who are really worried. I am writing for you! Yes, we broke up, why? I would like to answer that we did not agree on political views, but this, unfortunately, is not the case. I won't say anything bad, this is life, today "I love you", and tomorrow people are strangers to each other. Made an offer, how so? Yes, I agree, when I got down on my knee, I thought only about good things, but that's how it happens. I will not say more! I’ll go and call my mother, I’ll say sorry, but this time it will not reach the grandchildren. Live high, because life is not given to us for boredom."

Publication from s (@sergo_kucherini)

22 Apr 2018 at 2:51 PDT

Julia's fans suggest that the breakup happened because of Sergei's betrayal and persuade the girl to forget the betrayal.

We will remind, Julia and Sergey met on the project and began to meet at the end of last year.

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