Nikolai Bandurin Met With The Alleged Lover Of His Wife

Nikolai Bandurin Met With The Alleged Lover Of His Wife
Nikolai Bandurin Met With The Alleged Lover Of His Wife

Video: Nikolai Bandurin Met With The Alleged Lover Of His Wife

Video: Man Walks In On His Wife Feeding Her Alleged Lover In Their Matrimonial Home😱😱 2022, November

Nikolay Bandurin is the only coupletist in our country. Many people remember how he performed in a duet with Mikhail Vashukov and was a member of the "Crooked Mirror" program. In recent years, a man has been pursued by a black stripe. In 2018, his country house was completely burned down. And soon his wife Marina found out that her lover was unfaithful to her. A certain Irina Demina began to blackmail the artist and even demanded one million for her silence. A lie detector test showed that Bandurin was indeed unfaithful to his wife, but the child Irina gave birth to is not the son of a star.


more on the topic The star of "Crooked Mirror" Nikolai Bandurin admitted that he was cheating on his wife The artist's wife met with his mistress, who said that she gave birth to a child from him ten years ago. After that, the man was forced to publicly apologize to his beloved for infidelity.

Recently, Nikolai Yuryevich again found himself in the center of a scandal. Now businessman Dmitry Tolkachev said that he had an affair with the artist's wife. According to him, 32 years ago, a woman gave birth to a child from him, but did not allow him to be raised. Now Dmitry wants Marina to confess to her husband that all these years Bandurin did not raise his daughter. Upon learning of what had happened, Marina was furious. She called the businessman an impostor and forbade her daughter Katya to do a DNA test.

The girl did not listen to her mother and still did a genetic examination. Dmitry appeared in the studio of the program "Actually" the other day. “I want to declare that I am the lover of Marina Bandurina. I have an affair with her and an intimate relationship. For this reason, I am called to the polygraph of Nikolai Bandurin. Daughter Ekaterina is my daughter,”the guest immediately said. He said that he had known Marina since the time when they studied together at the school. According to the man, even then he courted her and they had an affair. However, when Marina became pregnant, she asked Dmitry to disappear from her life.

Dmitry stated that in 1986 he had a love affair with Marina when her husband was on tour. photo: frame from the program "Actually"

The businessman is sure that the woman simply decided that her child should have a more promising father. At that time, Bandurin was already making strides on stage. According to the man, he decided to return to Marina again when he recently learned that there was a crisis in her family. Tolkachev assured that a few weeks ago he again entered into an intimate relationship with Marina. When Nikolai Yuryevich appeared in the studio, he entered into a polemic with his wife's new-found lover. He refused to believe that Katya was not his own daughter.

Bandurin did not believe the man's words. photo: frame from the program "Actually"

Dmitry provided evidence that he is now having an affair with Marina. The broadcast showed his correspondence with a woman, where they make an appointment. Bandurin immediately noted that his wife usually uses more beautiful phrases. A polygraph test showed that the artist had doubted that Katya was his daughter before. When Marina was in the studio, she denied all charges. However, a video was shown on the air in which a woman was captured on the street in the company of Dmitry. “He just tried to persuade me to meet,” Marina tried to justify herself.

Marina turned out to be familiar with Dmitry. photo: frame from the program "Actually"

A DNA test showed that Tolkachev is not Catherine's father. During a polygraph test, it turned out that the businessman had recently met Irina Demina, with whom Bandurin had cheated on his wife. They conspired to take revenge on the artist and his wife.As it turned out, Marina did not cheat on her husband, but accepted the courtship of another man.

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