What Did Husbands Do For Their Wives

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What Did Husbands Do For Their Wives
What Did Husbands Do For Their Wives

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What men are not ready to do for the sake of their beloved wife! Some of them are so eager to impress their wife that they even question their normalcy. However, the majority is kept within reasonable limits.

Quit drinking

Two years ago, the star of the "Streets of Broken Lanterns" series, Alexei Nilov, announced that he had quit drinking for the sake of his third wife. The actor suffered from alcohol addiction for many years. By his own admission, he had "about three" clinical deaths due to alcohol addiction.

Got a tattoo

When young Johnny Depp had an affair with Winona Ryder, he got himself a "Winona Forever" tattoo. And then he threw the actress and changed the tattoo to "Wine forever". And Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, when they got married, tattooed each other's names on their bodies - he is her near the heart, she is his - in the lower abdomen. Former footballer and TV star David Beckham also has a tattoo on his right arm with the word "Victoria" in honor of his wife. However, among many other inscriptions, it is difficult to make out.

Started running

Actress Reese Witherspoon married supporting actor Jim Toth by her second marriage. At first, the guy was baggy and did not look so hot, but for the sake of his wife he began to run in the morning and swing. However, the marriage still ended up with problems.

Built a five star hotel

Turkish millionaire Sudy Ozkan, trying to conquer the Belarusian beauty Katerina, built the country's first five-star hotel in Minsk - because the millionaire has to live somewhere while he is courting his Cinderella!

Planted a tropical garden

44-year-old Briton Chris Lodge, who could not get out on vacation with his half, arranged a real tropical garden for his wife Sharon as an apology. He spent 2 years and 35 thousand pounds sterling on work.

Changed gender

A resident of Yekaterinburg named Yuri, after 20 years of marriage, decided to go for a gender reassignment in order to keep his wife: the fact is that she declared her unconventional orientation and was going to file for divorce. Yuri became Juliana, and, according to his wife Marina, after that understanding and love returned to the family.

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