If Appearance Attracts Gopniks: Who Will Be Disguised In "Fashionable Sentence" This Week

If Appearance Attracts Gopniks: Who Will Be Disguised In "Fashionable Sentence" This Week
If Appearance Attracts Gopniks: Who Will Be Disguised In "Fashionable Sentence" This Week

Video: If Appearance Attracts Gopniks: Who Will Be Disguised In "Fashionable Sentence" This Week

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

Dark clothes and lack of heels The heroine of the issue is Ekaterina. Photo: Channel One


On Monday, the hot Cuban guy Roberto will bring his girlfriend Katya to the Fashion Sentence, who dresses only in dark-colored clothes and categorically refuses to wear heels.

Roberto is a singer and a very passionate guy, he would like to marry Katya, but he suffers greatly because of her African braids, which the girl weaves on her head. Roberto wants to marry a Russian beauty with natural hair, it seems to him that girls with pigtails are not his type at all.

Catherine naturally wonders why Roberto suddenly began to oppose her braids, because when they met, she already had such a hairstyle.

As for the clothes, Ekaterina believes that she looks normal, especially since she helps Roberto with the organization of his solo performances, and this is a lot of busyness, running around, and there is no time for heels.

"My dream is a successful husband!" - explains Ekaterina. Will stylists be able to convince Catherine to return to bright colors and rekindle a fire in the couple's relationship? From a tomboy to a lady. The heroine of the issue is Catherine. Photo: Channel One

Tuesday. Natalya Simonova brought her friend Yekaterina Kalinkova to Fashion Verdict so that she would turn from a kid into a real lady.

A close friend is worried that Katya attracts only gopniks with her appearance. She also sets a bad example for growing up daughters, because their mother looks like a street bully.

Catherine resists Natalia's attempts to change something in her clothes. She is not used to being a weak woman and prefers the image of a "man in a skirt with a perforator." “Jeans, sweatshirts, sneakers are practical and comfortable, you don't need more for life,” Katya confidently declares. “I don't need another wife. I want to change mine! " The heroine of the issue is Lyudmila. Photo: Channel One

There is another international couple at the Modny Verdict studio on Wednesday. German Toralf has always been convinced that Russian women are the most beautiful. Having met the Russian beauty Luda, he was finally convinced of this. But for five years now, every morning he has to persuade his wife to do makeup and dress up, but all is unsuccessful.

“I don't need another wife. I want to change mine! I want everyone to look at her and turn around like before,”he says.

Toralf is concerned that interest in each other is gradually fading in their relationship. Lyudmila has a different position. "I threw all my strength into conquering him, because he is my ideal!" However, after waiting for the marriage proposal, the heroine let go of the reins.

Lyudmila confesses: she is embarrassed to be surrounded by friends of Toralf, because against their background she clearly loses.

“Now I am afraid of losing him, because I see potential competitors. Moreover, he is a foreigner in Russia, which means he enjoys increased interest from women. " At the end of the program, Lyudmila and Toralf were amazed at the transformation from stylists.

“From now on, I will always keep myself in good shape. For you, for yourself, for us! " - promised the heroine. “I married the pilot, but he deceived me” The heroine of the issue is Oksana. Photo: Channel One

Thursday. After Sergei lent his beloved aunt a million rubles from family savings, the life of the Kochnev couple cracked. A million was not returned to them, and the family was deprived of the airbag. Wife Oksana fell into depression and now she has no time for wardrobe.Before going to the store, Sergey always strictly punishes his wife: "Don't waste a lot!" The heroine believes that if her husband had not squandered their savings, then she would not have had to save on clothes and go to work.

“I actually married a pilot, only later I found out that he was not a pilot, he deceived me. If it were not for Serezha's persistence on the first day of our acquaintance, I would never have married him. He constantly lies and exaggerates. I'm already not comfortable in front of my relatives! For several years I have been trying to bring him down from heaven to earth, but he still claims to his friends that he is conquering the sky! " - Oksana is indignant.

Sergei is sure that he is not lying at all, but simply fantasizes: “What's wrong with the fact that I'm exaggerating a little? But life becomes more fun! And you are boring and boring! " After the transformation of the heroine by stylists, Sergei promised to make his fantasies come true and provide his wife with a new airbag. In search of the ideal man The heroine of the issue is Maria. Photo: Channel One

Friday. Elena is sure that her friend Maria has everything to conquer a man of the highest category, except for external data. Maria is educated, intelligent, can support any conversation, but for some reason, every time the man of her dreams passes by. Maria herself also believes that the reason why there is still no intelligent and wealthy man next to her is her imperfect figure and appearance.

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