How To Become Sexy? Instruction Number 1. Mastering Sexy Looks And Gestures

How To Become Sexy? Instruction Number 1. Mastering Sexy Looks And Gestures
How To Become Sexy? Instruction Number 1. Mastering Sexy Looks And Gestures

Video: How To Become Sexy? Instruction Number 1. Mastering Sexy Looks And Gestures

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What are we going to talk about, friend? On the strategy and tactics of female behavior aimed at keeping a man. Alas, you say, (sighing deeply and sorrowfully) there would be someone to hold back. You're right, friend. The biggest deficit of our days is the MAN. I do not mean those "males" (sorry) who live by inertia, often at the expense of a woman, irresponsibly, showing nothing of their masculine features: neither in life, nor in bed. We will talk about NORMAL (sexually and in life) men, noble, decent, energetic


Ooooooo now there are almost no such people, you say, bending your lips down like a crescent. There is! I know for sure. We need to look for them, find them, conquer them and keep them around us. This is a VERY DIFFICULT PROBLEM. But the result is worth it.

Our strategic plans? Finding a man is not for the night (although this is also an option for no fish), but for life. What are we going to do? Do not step on the proverbial rake and do not make tactical mistakes.

More specifically? You are welcome! I'll make a reservation right away, all my advice has been verified. They are not theory, but pure practice!

1. The most typical situation: YOU saw IT in a business setting.

Why typical? It is hard to imagine that a woman, whom for (no need to specify!), Easily meets in transport, on the street, at a disco. So I saw And something inside clicked: OH!

Look into his eyes for a long time (20-25 seconds) and with interest, turn away, smiling as if to your thoughts, and immediately leave with a mysterious look, correcting your hair on the go. Walk by a couple of times, but do not look into the eyes, and also smile mysteriously. This is all for a start. The first signal is given.

2. If you feel that you definitely fell for him, start "intelligence and espionage actions." Try to find out as much as possible about him: his interests, activities, hobbies, circle of friends. By the way, about friends. It is friends - men, not women - friends who will paint a more objective picture for you about the "object of desire"! This remark is essential. If your sworn friend also has her eyes on HIM, it is not difficult to imagine her "oil painting". She will give you such a pile, it will not seem a little! Strategic advice - NEVER SHARE YOUR SECRETS ON MEN WITH A FRIEND!

Firstly, “women” and “secrets” are incompatible concepts, and secondly, women's friendship is shattered into small fragments at the very first man who stands between two friends. It is difficult to imagine a worse and more insidious enemy than a rival friend. Checked!

3. So, you have scouted something about him from reliable sources. Now strain your brains, and try to be in his subject, even if it's fishing or football!

4. Now is the time to arrange for a "completely random meeting" where he often appears. Even if it's a service station or a stadium. Think in advance what you "accidentally" drop, where you "stumble" so that he can catch you. That is, you need to be in HIS PERSONAL SPACE. Nearby, very close. You can think of a lot of situations.

5. When, for example, you “directed” the manifestation of his masculine power and gave him a chance to “save you from danger” (fall, bully, crowd in the subway, etc.), it's time to show competence and open your mouth in time. And to say or ask (which will better shade HIS significance) should be SO so that HE feels that his topic is YOUR topic too. That is, you need to give him the opportunity to feel belonging. So that he was surprised to state that "this lady" is something "Copenhagen" in matters that are interesting to the strong half of humanity.

If possible, start "hanging noodles" on the same topic and beyond.But ask more than say yourself. And at the same time LISTEN to HIS story, looking with an admiring gaze, occasionally making sincere (if possible) compliments to which men are no less greedy than women. Especially well are "admiration" for intelligence, wisdom, physical strength, eccentricity, the ability to do career growth.

And HE will understand for sure that YOU are from the "one pack", where he, of course, is the leader. Then "unexpectedly" (at the most interesting place, when you feel that he pecked) "suddenly" hurry up and leave. Don't worry if he didn't have time to ask the most original male question like: "What are you doing in the evening?" There are a couple more "chance" encounters in our tactics, right?

6. On the next lucky chance, do not go first yourself. Give signals from a distance and wait. What kind? Ancient as the world.

Views: classic - "on the nose - in the corner - on the subject." A sidelong glance furtively. Slightly lowering your eyelids, look at the man until he notices your gaze, and then quickly avert your eyes to the side.

Believe me, such "lumbago" gives a mesmerizing sensation of peeping - a tantalizing hint that someone is sneaking behind you. This sensation can “inflame” almost any normal man.

Gestures: It is worth dwelling a little more here. After all, sign language can say a lot when an acquaintance is just beginning. As they say, you can't throw out a gesture from seduction.

Shake your hair. A sharp movement of the head is made to throw hair from the face or from the shoulders to the back. Even women with short hair can use this gesture.

Demonstration of the wrist. A woman interested in a potential sexual partner should periodically show him the smooth, delicate skin of her wrists. The wrist area has always been considered one of the most erogenous zones. So, the best way to demonstrate your wrist is if you hold a stylish glass of wine and a cigarette in your hand. This is a classic.

By the way, if you are a smoking lady, "hesitate" in search of a lighter. This is a great signal for him. A reason to come up and give fire and at the same time remember the first chance meeting and talk.

So, YOU "quite by accident" found themselves in a single space. What's next?

Try to keep your palms in his field of vision. Use the same beautifying gestures, including touching your hair, straightening your clothes, one or both hands on your hips, legs and body turning by themselves. And increased eye contact will begin. "These eyes are opposite to the tea color"

Have you ever used the thumb gesture in your belt, purse, or pocket? Do this. Your interest will certainly give him dilated pupils and a blush on the cheeks. It's good.

And the legs? They are slightly spaced apart. Yes, yes, somewhat wider than usual, when there is no man in sight. It does not depend on whether you are sitting or standing.

Skillful (not vulgar!) Swinging of the hips will work well. If the opportunity arises to walk into his field of vision.

A slightly open mouth and moist lips will not be ignored either. The lips are moisturized with saliva or with the help of cosmetics. This will make you sexually alluring and attractive. Proven for centuries. By the way, why did they start using the "lip" since the time of Cleopatra? What did the women want to say by this? It's simple. When a woman is sexually aroused, her lips and genitals become larger and redder as they fill with blood. The use of lipstick is a technique used for millennia to simulate the reddened labia of a sexually aroused woman. Such is the signal!

And the gesture of stroking a cylindrical object! This stroking of a cigarette, the stem of a wine glass, a finger, or any long cylindrical object is an unconscious pointer to what might be on your mind.

Many ladies have a way of crossing their legs.Men, on the other hand, often sit with their legs wide apart, defiantly displaying the genital area, while women cross their legs to protect their delicate genital area.

You know, women use several positions to express their flirtatious, enticing behavior. For example, a bent knee. In this case, the woman sits with one leg bent under the other and pointing the tip of the knee at the person to whom she is interested. This is a very free pose that excludes any formality and gives you the opportunity to flirtatiously expose your knees. Do not forget about it when you are visiting, at a party with friends. He will definitely "read" this gesture.

Another tip: play with your thrown off shoe, dive in and out of the shoe. It is very sexy and can drive a man crazy.

Women also use other baits, such as slowly throwing their legs over the legs in front of the man's eyes and slowly returning them to their normal position (remember the tricks of the heroine Sharon Stone in the movie "Basic Instinct"), A man will also be very much affected if you gently stroke his thigh with your hand, as if talking about waiting for the touch of male hands. But that will be later, when the meetings will be more regular.

7. Consider that the male half works flawlessly when a woman speaks in a low, low voice.

8. Clothes. If a man does not have a zipper, this is an annoying negligence. If a woman has a half-zipped zipper or one button on her chest, and the second barely holds back the pressure of curvaceous forms, this is a well-thought-out tactic. A man may not notice the style, color of clothes, but he will certainly notice the "extreme situation" in your neckline and will be extremely pleased with it!

9. Good advice on smells and fragrances. Men do not like it when a woman smells strongly of even very expensive perfume. There is nothing more enticing than a light flair. Drop by drop of perfume on the ears, on the wrists, and "for impudent" - in the depth of the neckline. If a man wants a woman, the main attraction for him is the natural smell of her body (freshly washed, of course).


Re-read, without haste, all of the above, "try on yourself." Draw conclusions. Practice gestures and looks in front of the mirror. Think over your own tactics and try to apply this first step in real life.

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