Who Is Our Daddy: 7 Star Moms Who Hid The Fathers Of Their Children

Who Is Our Daddy: 7 Star Moms Who Hid The Fathers Of Their Children
Who Is Our Daddy: 7 Star Moms Who Hid The Fathers Of Their Children

Video: Who Is Our Daddy: 7 Star Moms Who Hid The Fathers Of Their Children

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Some of the participants in our rating have declassified the name of their child's father relatively recently, while others still continue to keep a secret about this.


On Eva Polna's birthday (May 19, the singer will celebrate her 43rd birthday) "Letidor" will tell about celebrity mothers who prefer (or preferred) to ignore journalists' questions about their personal lives.

Julia Peresild


The famous actress has repeatedly admitted that she hates talking about her personal life. In addition, she does not understand the desire of some of her colleagues to be frank with journalists about this. However, at some point, the rumors around the father of her daughters Anna and Maria became so much that she had to make an exception for the press.

Yulia Peresild made a frank statement in September 2017 in an interview with Marie Claire magazine:

The father of my children is Alexey Uchitel. Probably seen in the line at the store. I really don't know when and in which store. But sometimes I stand in lines, yes. I am generally a mistress. I am making supplies. I am the Rat according to the horoscope. I store the groats and everything that does not deteriorate. You can find whatever you want in my house … And of course, Alexei is a good father who takes care of his daughters.

A month after Peresild's recognition, the famous director, in his comments to the press, for the first time gave indirect confirmation that he was the father of the daughters of the stars of the films "Edge" and "Battle for Sevastopol".


The other day, in an interview with our program, Alexey Efimovich indirectly confirmed information about paternity, stating that his daughters are named Anya and Masha, - said the host of the program Sergei Mayorov.

And already in December 2017, Alexey Uchitel, Yulia Peresild, Anna and Maria came out together, attending the New Year's ball.

Tatiana Navka

Press service archive

When it comes to such people, you are absolutely not surprised that their life is classified and develops according to its own life scenario. For almost two years, Tatiana and Dmitry did not confirm their relationship. They did not make an exception, even when their daughter Nadia was born in 2014.

With the grace typical of an Olympic champion, Tatyana avoided questions regarding the name of the girl's father.

There were rumors, of course. Of course, media representatives made assumptions about who became the chosen one of Tatiana Navka. But rumors were rumors, and officially, as a couple, the lovers appeared before the public in November 2014, together attending the opening of the GUM skating rink on Red Square.

Thus, the couple confirmed the guesses of many media representatives that the father of the child of the famous skater is "someone close to the circle of the President of Russia."

After this release, the couple no longer hid from journalists. Moreover, little Nadenka became the main star of Tatyana and Dmitry's wedding, which took place in August 2015.

Eva Polna


Perhaps, Eva Polna can talk endlessly about creativity and good music, but the singer prefers not to talk about her personal life. In an interview, the star never talked about her admirers, and even more so did not talk about the fathers of her daughters.

Everything was exactly like this until the very broadcast of the program "Let them talk" in 2012, to which the famous singer Denis Klyaver was invited.

In the studio of Andrei Malakhov, the ex-soloist of the "Tea for Two" group openly spoke about the fact that a few years ago he and Eva Polnaya had a relationship, as a result of which a daughter, Evelyn, was born:

I did not propose to her, even when it became known that she was pregnant from me. We are strong people and could not live together.

Eve herself was silent for a long time about what happened.Only a year later, the artist gave an interview to the magazine "7 Days", in which she admitted that Denis's decision to talk about paternity was a complete surprise to her:

The fact that Denis told everything in the program of Andrei Malakhov, I learned from journalists. They started calling me to give my comments, but I couldn't say anything. Then Denis's act was perceived as a betrayal. We agreed that we would be silent about what happened between us eight years ago: yes, we met, a child appeared, but we did not get married, but broke up. Denis officially admitted the fact of his paternity five years after the birth of Evelyn. I didn't want strangers to get into my life. For a long time we succeeded.

However, despite what had happened, Eva assured that there was no conflict between her and Klyaver and that in no case did she forbid her daughter to communicate with her dad.

Moreover, former lovers often spend September 1 together to take Evelyn to the festive line.

Agnia Ditkovskite

Alexandra Pogiba

A negative example teaches people. At least, such a conclusion can be drawn if you observe the personal life of Agnia Ditkovskite.

At one time, having burned herself on non-observance of the rule “happiness loves silence” (we are talking about the relationship of the actress with Alexei Chadov), Agnia, apparently, decided not to dwell on the topic of her personal life anymore.

Recently, she has minimized communication with representatives of the media, photos of her son Fedor only rarely appear on her Instagram (the boy was born in June 2014 married to Alexei Chadov), and there is not a single hint of possible changes in the family.

One way or another, the media tirelessly discussed either the pregnancy of the star, then her already accomplished childbirth, or the photo of a boy that appeared in the actress's Instagram stories, who is supposedly the son of Agnia, or speculate about the name of the child's father.

We hope that soon Ditkovskite will give any comments on this matter.

Anna Sedokova

Alexandra Pogiba

If you hide the truth from journalists for a long time, then you can run into the most incredible "scenarios" of your own personal life. Well, someone who, and Anna Sedokova knows this for sure.

As soon as she published on her Instagram a photo in which she, Hector (the artist became a mother for the third time in April 2017) and a certain young man were captured from her back, as the media representatives made the assumption that it was the lead singer of the MBAND group Anatoly Tsoi who was the father boy.

Fueling rumors, Sedokova left an eloquent signature under this frame.

At the same time, other media assured that Hector's father was not a popular singer, but a successful businessman Artem Komarov. They found proof of this argument on Instagram of the youngest man, who published the only joint photo with Anna, and in the caption to this frame left by Andrey Kovalev (the singer noted that it was he who introduced the young people, and very soon the couple will have a wedding).

Those who made a “stake” on Komarov were right. However, the wedding was not destined to take place. In August, Sedokova told the journalist OK! http://www.ok-magazine.ru that she and her man decided not to continue the relationship. As it turned out, the chosen one of the star hoped that Anna would leave show business.

You know, it seems to me that he did not believe in me. It sounds weird now, but he really didn't believe in me. And I don’t want to spend ninety-nine percent of my time trying to prove to someone that I’m not an idiot, I’m talented, I’m an artist,

- Anna Sedokova admitted.

Svetlana Loboda

Alexandra Pogiba

The famous singer can be called the main conspirator of the season. Attentive fans have long suspected Svetlana of pregnancy (they suddenly began to notice that the artist, who usually prefers to wear outfits that emphasize her luxurious figure, suddenly began to choose clothes of a voluminous cut), but Loboda made official recognition when it was no longer possible to hide her belly.

This happened in March on the stage of the Kremlin Palace, where Loboda performed at the BraVo awards ceremony.

I'm going on a little vacation to record a new album for you and prepare a completely new show, which we will show in October. And also I am leaving to prepare for the most important event in the life of every woman - the birth of a baby. This is a great miracle for me, I am grateful to heaven for this gift, and to you, friends, for your love and your recognition!

- said the ex-soloist of the group "VIA Gra".

However, Svetlana prefers not to share the most intimate with her fans - she does not name the father of her future baby. Moreover, as it turned out, Loboda's parents are not familiar with the chosen one.

Sveta tried to find out about the pregnancy as late as possible. But now the deadline is already long. We are happy, and my daughter has long wanted another child. The granddaughter of Evangeline - she will soon be 7 years old - we already have, now we want a grandson! She has not yet presented the father of the future baby to us, but I approve of any choice of her daughter!

- said "StarHit" Sergei Vasilievich, the singer's father.

Therefore, media representatives are actively speculating and attribute paternity to the leader of the Rammstein group, Till Lindemann!

Whether the journalists guessed it or not, most likely, it will become known very soon.

Elena Podkaminskaya


As the star of the TV series "Kitchen" said in an interview, she wants to protect loved ones from conversations and rumors, and therefore does not seek to make an informational lead out of her personal life. Perhaps that is why Elena Podkaminskaya either completely suppresses journalists' questions about the father of little Eva, who was born in August 2017, or speaks very sparingly, as in an interview with OK! Magazine:

He is not at all interested in publicity, he is against the invasion of our personal space. We do not plan to confuse the red carpet with family life.

Elena was not cunning. From their wedding, Podkaminskaya and businessman Denis Gushchin did not make a show.

As the manager of the actress Antonina Avilova told "StarHit", the newlyweds chose the simplest yellow gold rings, and after the registry office went home to share their joy with the closest people without fuss.

With such love of Elena for conspiracy, one can only guess when fans will see a joint photo of the star family.

Photo: Starface.ru

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