Why You Will Never Have A Perfect Relationship

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Why You Will Never Have A Perfect Relationship
Why You Will Never Have A Perfect Relationship

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At the beginning of a relationship, lovers try to do their best to please their partners. The desire to please another person at this moment prevails over the satisfaction of personal interests. From the outside, it may seem that partners are literally made for each other. Young people have a lot in common and have no problems, but there is no perfect relationship.



Growing up in a prosperous family, a child from childhood believes that it is necessary to successfully graduate from school, find a good job and a worthy partner. No one can guarantee that you will meet the person you imagined.

When people fall in love, they think that their chosen one is perfect in every way. Over time, a person changes, but the image invented in his head does not. The difference between them is becoming more and more tangible. You can accept it or end the relationship.

Psychological trauma

Each person has his own inner complexes and problems. Partners can reinforce them even unconsciously. So that the relationship does not turn into an unbearable burden, you need to learn to understand what exactly hurts you, and not to forgive any wrongdoing. All problems should be discussed, and not create an external image of an ideal relationship. Otherwise, over time, the accumulated trauma will lead to an emotional breakdown.


After the end of the ideal period of falling in love, the first difficulties in the relationship appear. The process of rubbing against each other begins. Those couples who agree to work a little and deal with problems can continue to build a happy relationship.


When troubles happen in life, most of the negativity pours out on the person who is nearby. Because of this, even the most ideal relationship collapses. It is much easier to break up and express all the painful things than to restrain yourself. Finding the culprit in all troubles is easier than admitting your guilt. You can take the easy path or learn to find words in order to calmly discuss problems and find compromises.


Talking about your desires to your partner is as easy as shelling pears, but in reality everything turns out to be different. This skill needs to be worked on. Feeling the other person's experiences is very difficult. Accepting other people's views, values ​​and experiences is an invaluable science.

Most conflicts in a couple arise precisely because of misunderstandings and inability to convey their point of view.

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