Three Sobering Truths Every Woman Should Know About Men

Three Sobering Truths Every Woman Should Know About Men
Three Sobering Truths Every Woman Should Know About Men

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Not all ladies will be pleased to read this article, but the Express-Novosti news agency decided to open the eyes of naive women. If you comfort yourself with hopes that your partner truly loves you and wants to spend the rest of your life with you, then this is not always true. The words "I love you and will never leave" men most often say, because "it is necessary", so it is accepted in relationships.


Alas, not always what men say and what they think coincide. How to find out the truth? Very simple. Observe his behavior. Three signs should alert you and make you think that your romance is likely to end in complete fiasco.

1. There is no clarity in your relationship.

You have been together for six months or more, but your partner still does not indicate who you are in his life. When talking about the time to live together / legitimize the relationship, he simply "merges", changes the subject and avoids answering. He does not see the future next to you, something confuses him, but he does not admit it. Most likely, he is comfortable that you are around, he has a great time, including in bed. But he doesn't need you for later life. Do you need it? Think about it!

2. There is no confirmation of his love

Your man during the day is not particularly interested in how you are doing, how you feel. He can keep silent for several days, and then show up as if nothing had happened. He may not even feel guilty for such an ignore, but in his defense, throw: "Sorry, I was busy at work." It also happens that in response to claims, a man begins to behave aggressively, to be rude, to offend you. You should not shield him, explaining this with a tough disposition and brutality. He clearly does not respect you, does not appreciate and certainly does not love you. The same can be said if your partner is constantly nitpicking. This is not demanding! He sees all the flaws in you, so is this love? You won't get gifts, compliments and banal trips to the cafe from him either? He does not consider it necessary to spend money on you, which means that you are not so important to him.

3. Doesn't want a serious relationship

If a partner constantly comes up with excuses like “I don’t want to put a stamp in my passport yet,” “there is no money for the wedding,” “we need to solve housing problems,” then he is not ready to connect life with you. Believe me, if he needed you, he would not be prevented by the lack of finances and an apartment, or even a natural disaster. You are simply not the same, and it is not a fact that he does not dream of a wedding and children. He is looking for a candidate worthy, in his opinion. Well, you are just a transit passenger with whom you can spend time now. Don't be stupid. He is unlikely to change his mind. You will waste time and be completely disappointed. It's time to stop feeding yourself with vain hopes, looking for cons and trying to please.

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