He Hides Your Relationship - How To Understand It

He Hides Your Relationship - How To Understand It
He Hides Your Relationship - How To Understand It

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You seem to be in a relationship, but sometimes you feel like you are a skeleton in his closet. Relationships of this kind are unusual and rather new. They are sometimes called the antipode of "ghosts" - when a partner suddenly disappears and no longer appears.


How do you know that your relationship is just such a case?

Everything seems to be fine with you - and you even introduced him to your closest friends and parents. But you don't know any of his friends, let alone his parents. He never gets tagged on your joint photos on social networks (although he sometimes uploads some of yours), and even when talking on the phone with a friend, he never mentions you, even though you spent the whole day together. Most likely, he really hides you.

This weird relationship trend is like a game - how long can he hide you? In this way, he seems to be telling you that you have nothing to count on a serious relationship - your romance for him is nothing more than an affair. And if he suddenly decides to part with you not in the most beautiful way, there will be no one to reproach him.

He, of course, can tell you that he communicates so little with his mother that he does not share with her such things as relationships, he does not want to post your joint photos on social networks because he loves to keep his personal life secret, and his friends themselves do not want meets you.

And then you will begin to notice that he is uncomfortable when you are seen together. Seeing a neighbor, he grabs you by the hand and drags you to the other side of the street, or even pretends to be strangers. Such an alignment may even indicate that he has another girlfriend or wife, and possibly children.

You have two ways out of this situation. The first is to try to discuss this issue with him, to make it clear that this state of affairs is unpleasant for you. It might even make sense to harshly ask you to be a part of his life if he values ​​your relationship. In addition, it may turn out that his parents are against sex before the wedding - and that is why he did not introduce you to them, and his friends are inveterate bachelors, and they are not interested in communicating with a girl.

But if the situation does not change, and you realize that you are absolutely not satisfied with this attitude, then leave. It is better to do it right away than later, when you fall in love with him even more and start looking for excuses for him. Find someone who really appreciates you.

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