From Opera To Palm: Unusual Places Where Stars Have Sex

From Opera To Palm: Unusual Places Where Stars Have Sex
From Opera To Palm: Unusual Places Where Stars Have Sex

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Many people try to diversify their sex life by changing their usual place. The stars are no exception, moreover, they openly talk about their non-standard places for sex. John Legend The famous musician with his wife Chrissy Teigen decided to surrender to passion directly in the locker room, from which Barack Obama himself came out a few minutes before the surging feelings. This happened during an event that was timed to coincide with the politician's election campaign. Kanye West The famous rapper noted that he and Kim Kardashian had the most unforgettable sex in the open spaces of Florence next to the statue of David, namely opposite the Uffizi Gallery. The musician believes that it was at this moment that their daughter North was conceived.

Jennifer Lopez Accustomed to public attention, the singer had sex, according to her, right on the balcony overlooking one of the main streets of New York. The star is sure that people from below noticed the action on the balcony, but no one recognized the singer. Robbie Williams The musician is known for numerous outrageous antics on stage, and this behavior is typical for the figure in his personal life. According to the artist, he had sex on the train, did it on the plane, in the parking lot and even under the bar in the wine bar. Miley Cyrus The singer surprises the audience with her half-naked appearance on stage, worse than Williams, but she is not inferior to him in sexual exploits. Cyrus has been in a relationship with Liam Hemsworth for a very long time and the couple knows firsthand how to diversify their intimate life. According to eyewitnesses, during the Vanity Fair party, the couple indulged in passion right under the table. Kirsten Dunst The first choice of the actress was Jake Gyllenhaal, and probably this is what influenced their passion in bed. However, the lovers did "this" not only in bed, but also in the dressing room, toilet, bathroom and even in a car. One day, passion covered a couple right on the tilted trunk of a palm tree, and this time turned out to be the most memorable for Dunst.

Cara Delevingne Before the premiere of Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie interviewed a colleague, during which she directly asked the model about her most unusual place to have sex. It turned out that the star did it on the plane, and more than once, but every time she was caught red-handed. Zoe Saldana American actress frankly said that she was engaged in sex in the intercar soufflé, the place where the cars are connected. The star noted that it was not scary, but on the contrary, wildly exciting. Margot Robbie One of the sexiest actresses of our time had sex on a jet ski. The technique was motionless, so the actress did not have to show her acrobat and equilibrist skills.

Drew Barrymore The actress once visited the opera La Bohème with her ex-partner Fabrizio Moretti. What they saw on the stage turned out to be a boring performance for the stars, and they decided to retire to the toilet of the Metropolitan Opera. Barrymore says that sex was the most unusual of her life, even though they were caught hot.

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