Bi And Lesbians: Women's Secrets

Bi And Lesbians: Women's Secrets
Bi And Lesbians: Women's Secrets

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Let's talk about what many people think about, but prefer to remain silent - about female bisexuality and lesbianism. To begin with, let's define the concepts: bisexuality is the possession of properties characteristic of both sexes, as well as sexual and emotional attraction to both sexes. Lesbianism - female homosexuality; sexual intercourse of a woman with a woman. Where did these phenomena come from?


Who is prone to homosexual relationships, and who is not? Why are men so attracted and turned on by women making love to each other? Let us turn to the origins - the reasons for the emergence of female bisexuality and lesbianism. Psychoanalysts and sexologists have not yet come to a common opinion about the causes of homosexuality and bisexuality. Unfortunately, most of the research done in this area is unofficial or overblown. Failure to find in the female body the “male gene” - the cause of lesbianism, leaves many questions open.

It is not known for certain whether a person's sexual orientation is genetically inherent, or whether we ourselves change our preferences over who to go to bed with during our lives. However, this does not prevent the existence of three theories of the origin of female homosexuality.

Biological theory

From a biological point of view, women need a fairly long period of preliminary bodily caresses and foreplay to get excited. Sharp, strong, impatient and overly fast men are aimed mainly at the end result, and not at the process itself, and often cannot provide their partner with the necessary tenderness.

And lesbian love is characterized by rather long foreplay and consists almost exclusively of them. That is why lesbian games are so attractive for women who crave long hugs and longer sexual contact with a partner.

Evolutionary theory

Proponents of evolutionary theory explain the widespread female bisexuality as follows: since ancient times, men were earners and fighters. They fought not only for prey, but also for a woman, and among themselves. Therefore, the relationship between the two men to this day is hostile and rivalry.

While men were busy fighting for the right to possess a woman, the weak half of humanity had no choice but to satisfy their sexual desires with each other. The result of such homosexual activity was that the bisexuality gene appeared in the children of these women.

This theory not only explains from a genetic point of view the origins of lesbianism, but also explains the reason for the prevalence of female homosexuality, and not male.

Sociological theory

For many centuries, a woman has been an object of care and desire, almost everything is allowed to her - including physical contact with another woman. Women's love is more "pure" and hygienic, it rarely involves anal sex, in contrast to male homosexuality.

Society often condemned and shamed homosexual men, and treated lesbians more or less tolerably. Moreover, female bisexuality has always been prevalent in harems and polygamous marriages. And harems, as you know, are allowed in some cultures today, which means lesbianism is also allowed.

Are all women bisexual?

In the 40s of the last century, the American sexologist and zoologist Alfred Kinsey, in his book "The Sexual Behavior of the Human Female," concluded that most people are somewhat bisexual to one degree or another.

An Internet poll by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that about 6.9 million women have had homosexual experiences, while 2.7 million said they had had such experiences no more than a year ago.

According to a poll by Marie Claire magazine, 55% of women would like to have sex with another woman, provided that no one knows about it. These indicators refer to women aged 25-35 years, because Marie Claire's readership belongs to this age category.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that everyone is bisexual, moreover, they have the opinion that bisexuality helps to balance the yin and yang energy in the body.

It is now generally accepted that homosexuality is a natural human desire, and where this phenomenon will overtake us depends on many factors, most of which are beyond our control.

Three groups of lesbians

Sociologists and psychologists have divided all gay women into three age groups.


The age of this category ranges from 14 to 19. They are young, impressionable and very expressive persons. They are most influenced by the media: erotic Internet sites, demonstrative kisses of celebrities, for example, Madonna and Britney Spears, the TV series "Sex and the City", the movie "American Pie" and the like.

These young girls are most often limited to just demonstrative kisses and caresses, as on television screens, and it never comes to anything else. They mimic same-sex sexuality mainly to get the attention of guys. These are just "demonstration performances" and they do not get sexual pleasure from it.

Young women

This group includes ladies between the ages of 20 and 35, and they are most often inclined to have fun with another woman. They are already tempted by the love of men and are able to get truly unearthly pleasure with a woman. These women also have, as a rule, a great experience of self-satisfaction and are ready for any daring experiments in the most extraordinary place.

Adult women

Ladies over 35, who often felt the negative side of marriage, are divorced and have adult children. These women are mostly frustrated with men because of a failed marriage and the same sexual experience. After such shocks, they begin to look for emotional relaxation, but this time not in the stronger sex.

Some women indulge in lesbian entertainment, and after a while they return to men. Such fluctuations can continue for the rest of their lives.

A striking example from life is the beautiful and bold Cynthia Nixon, familiar to us from the role of Miranda in the TV series "Sex in BG". After 15 years of marriage, she left the father of her children, Professor Danny Moses, in order to become happy with another woman. This is what the actress herself says: “My private life is my private life. There is nothing in it that should be deliberately hidden. I can say that I am very happy."

Why do men like it?

Sexologists believe that one of the most common male fantasies is a scene in which two gentle, passionate girls make love. Men believe that lesbian women are especially attractive.

You can experiment and ask your beloved if he likes to look at two ladies who "love" each other. I can assure you that 70-80% of the answer will definitely be positive. Moreover, almost all men, if they have not yet tried threesome love with two lesbian girls, they probably dream about it passionately.

However, there is another opinion that men like to watch erotica and porn films with lesbian women only to "warm up" desires and sexual appetite and do not want to participate in such a sexual act at all.

How to tell if your girlfriend is bisexual or lesbian?

Usually women tend to be sarcastic about other ladies, especially very beautiful ones. perceive them as rivals. But if your friend loves to look at another woman, admire her, evaluate her beauty, pay attention to her breasts and legs, then you should think about her orientation. Maybe next to you is a lover of same-sex love!

But this statement also has pitfalls: all women are different, and all in different ways show a completely "healthy" interest in the representatives of their sex. The only sure way to find out about her desires and preferences is to have a frank conversation - talk heart to heart, and there will be no room for doubts.

Today, many young people, under the pressure of the relentless stream of candid media reports, find it so difficult to determine what is truly sexy and what is a simple fashion fad. Such an information "attack" can lead you on the wrong path! Listen carefully to yourself, sort out your desires and you will understand what you really need. If bisexuality is not about you, you can sleep well. Well, if on the contrary, remember: bisexuality remains the most incomprehensible phenomenon for humanity, and therefore you should be very careful in your desires.

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