Do Men Fail To See The Line Between Romance And Violence?

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Do Men Fail To See The Line Between Romance And Violence?
Do Men Fail To See The Line Between Romance And Violence?

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around the scandal with Vanstein, everything does not subside, more and more women complain about the inappropriate attitude of men, meanwhile the foundations of romance and interpersonal relations are shaking in culture. It was only in 2017 that we were able to look at violence in a new way, and see how the image of a woman and her role in society was distorted in the culture of the past. We grew up in an atmosphere where violence was considered a scary scene with the use of brute force and even death for the victim, but since the word "abuse" entered the modern vocabulary, it became clear that the wrong attitude towards the opposite sex is based on a toxic upbringing, inoculated over the centuries. I decided to figure out why many men still do not see the line between romance and violence.

If you persist, the girl will love you


Pop culture heroes influence teen behavior, right? Han Solo walks up to Princess Leia, who says she is not interested in this, and presses against her from behind. She is a strong woman, a fighter, so she pushes him away. Han Solo does not stop trying: he takes her hands and starts stroking her. She says to stop, but he doesn't stop. Romantic music is playing …

A couple more phrases and he kisses her. Pay attention, the head of the Princess is pressed against the wall! The scene is a spaceship, drifting among planets and star systems, so even if Leia wanted to escape, she could not go far. The obstinate Princess, of course, falls in love with her stalker, and they spend the rest of their lives together. Yes, this film is already old enough, generations have changed, and society has made significant headway. But on Aliexpress, "sexy princess Leia costumes" are still hanging in the top. For those who are in a tank and have not watched Star Wars, Leia's slave costume is considered sexy. It is nudity that excites in this image, and not the fact that the suit was put on her forcibly. She is a princess, a warrior, and men want to masturbate to the costume she had to wear to save herself from death.

In Blade Runner, the protagonist pushes a woman against a wall after she tries to escape and then forces her to say "kiss me." The heroine is frightened by this exactly until they turn to sex.

ndiane Jones "Harrison Ford catches a woman with his whip, and a love scene ensues.

Women love to be hunted so play innocence

For millennia, the quality of a woman's life depended on what kind of person she could attract: if she married a successful man, then life was easier and calmer. Thus, her self-esteem was based on how many men she could fall in love with. It is beneficial for a woman to create competition, seduce as many men as possible, and then complicate the tasks of attracting attention. Women gained more power by pushing people away, but this in no way affects what they actually experienced. This is also the reason why slut shaming is mainly from women. If a girl jumps into the bed of every guy she meets on her way, then this reduces the total value for all women. So culturally they agree to restrain sexual relations. The main attractive features in men are physical strength and aggressiveness, so the films often show the same plot twist: a man enters the battle and wins, a woman recognizes his strength and agrees to have sex.

A famous photograph from the day of victory, in which a soldier marks the end of the war by kissing an unfamiliar girl. Watch her playfully pretend she doesn't want it, what an actress! Her hands are clenched into fists and she's clearly not trying to hug him back.

Rape - attack with a knife in the alley

By 2017, men learned that public masturbation, or even tricking a wife into sex she didn't want, was rape. Previously, in their minds, it seemed like a beating and a fight, with a clamped mouth and tied hands. No school will ever explain that it is worth asking permission before touching a woman.

Men are just made that way

their actions clearly do not coincide with their justification. The prevalence of abusive behaviors does not mean that this is normal. There are a lot of guys groping girls against their will, but bypassing rape porn, masturbating to leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence. Most people don't understand what the problem is with the Star Wars scene until you bring it to their attention. The authors of the advertising campaigns "Get a discount the same as your breast size" also see nothing wrong with this and argue that it's okay to just be a man. Parents say boys should be boys. And then they grow up and realize all the sexually inappropriate teenage fantasies in advertising and cinema. Some women, by the way, are also seriously mistaken, for example, Lyubov Tolkalina said in a recent interview with Meduza:

How can a man be accused of sexual harassment, doesn't he exist for this in the world?

Keeping men away from this toxic attitude towards women is a monumental task that will take a lot of effort. Changing actions by adding new laws is not so difficult, which is not the case with influencing incentives.

Asking for permission is a sign of weakness

I know people who, when asked what a girl wants, start to resent that it kills all the romance. But, as for me, if you do not know how to ask a woman about her desires, in principle you should not have sex with living people. When people ask you if they can kiss you, it's incredibly pleasant. What's wrong with being sensitive? So a woman will only appreciate the attentiveness and sensitivity of her man, and romance will increase.

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